• cara

    I can't stop staring at #35 LOL

    • rob

      that is a Pixie frog a real bad ass frog lol

  • http://twitter.com/CelticAudrey @CelticAudrey

    Love #19 I adore their friendship.

  • berrygirl

    #31 WWWWhhhhaaa?

    • RichVee


    • Smurfy

      Michael Jackson is Nicole Richie's godfather.

    • Jenni

      Does anyone know who the orange person next to Paris is?

      • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

        Nikki, Paris's less-annoying sister.

  • nessipoo

    Ahhhhh Jared … you will always be beautiful to me *dreamy sigh* #3

  • Berry good

    #1 even that animal is memorized by Ryan Gosling!

    • Smartie

      What animal is that?

      • MMMMM

        It is an Okapi

  • Kristen

    #4 I love you! You look so sexy in a suit!

  • Bee

    #11 Only the bottom two for me, thank you.

    • Cee


    • nik

      I'll take the two on the left. :)

    • CassieWyrick

      That's exactly what I thought to myself too!!

    • Michele

      Chris Hemsworth is missing😦

  • Andy1966

    #15 one each please!:-)

  • mackenzie

    #7 blake lively and #11 ryan reynolds are filming in Sudbury right now! :)))

  • anjanette hinton

    If you think Douglas`s story is flabbergasting,, 4 weaks-ago my daughter in law basically recieved a check for $4784 putting in a thirteen hour week from there apartment and there co-worker's step-sister`s neighbour done this for four months and brought in over $4784 part time from their labtop. the information on this address……….. BIT40.ℂOℳ

  • Sarah

    #29 – Why the hair up on the face?

  • pea123

    #31 Hey Nikki, where's all your tan at? WOW

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