• Angela

    Love daily motivation! 4 miler this morning:)

  • Charl

    #2 – yes, but having some friends helping you with buying none of that clothing is also a great thing.

    #7 & #20 – Want!:)

  • ColoradoGirl13


    Not to be picky but in #13…. Avocados (like tomatoes) are a fruit… But the drink sounds good!

  • Breezy

    Berries- need help! Does anyone have suggestions for good, supportive sports bras for huge boobs? We just signed up to do a color run and the sports bra thing is making it hard for me to whip myself into shape😦

    I'm a 38G if that helps with suggestions. Thanks in advance!

    • MNExpat

      Freya makes good ones. They are not pretty, but they are industrial strength. I'm a 34g, so know what you mean. If you have a Nordstrom anywhere near you, go there, it's the only place that carries lots of brands and styles. Fantasies has a couple, too, I think. Good luck!!

      • pepper

        Also Panache Sport. I'm a 32ff and if I wear it racerback, I feel fully supported.

    • Silverfire

      I have heard good things about http://enell.com/enell-sport

    • runnergirl

      moving comfort makes the best bras! look into the maia and juno styles

  • Amy

    I just wanted to post a quick thank you for the daily motivation. I look forward to the post every day. It really helps me stay motivated to eat healthy and workout daily. You rock!

  • Seldi84

    #21 but, but it's a walking dead marathon.

    • ChrisDG74

      This may be the ONLY valid excuse.

    • JustReading

      #21 Well you see, I first take the remote and press the "Power on" symbol while pointing it at the tv box…….

      Tv is sooooo easy, but such a soul sucker. But seriously, I need to start watching less tv, which is why yesterday, I went out for a two hour bike ride through the woods. It's a start!:)

  • Brandi

    #4 Photoshop: Back of the armpit, fore arm, and face reflection (location). More motivation from real life Berries!

    • Brandi

      just noticed the reflection arm/elbow too…

  • Hbomb

    #9 your form looks a bit off in the picture. Hip should be open and knees directly underneath your hips!!

    • Jerk

      Also, shenanigans. Essentially a pound every day? No.

  • Divina

    Hi Berry, could you post more motivation pics for us novice swimmers?:) It would be great to see words of advice and support for swimmers here and there. Kisses from Serbia, you keep me daily motivated !!

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  • Olivia

    Thanks for posting my pic, Berry!!! It was a nice surprise to see as I scrolled down😀

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    Reblogged this on These shoes were made for running. and commented:
    Some shared motivation for the day!:)

  • Shani

    #23 I have never gotten the whole "don't eat carbs at night!" thing… Your body doesn't care when or from where your energy comes from. Carbs are not the devil. Eating at night is not the devil. I lost 40 lbs without changing the makeup of my diet, just the amount of food. Yes, that includes eating at night. Even carbs.

    Side note anticipating some responses I may get: no, the body does not stop metabolizing while you sleep. Ever hear of a basal metabolic rate? It's basically how many calories you would burn in 24 hours if you were in a coma. Mine is around 1400. You'll be fine if you eat before bed.

    • Jen

      its because you dont burn as much carbs while you are sleeping. i think its just a general rule. ive noticed a different in cutting out grains at night. i eat them during the day when my body is doing more work.

  • pea123

    #18 looks really tasty!

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