Coupla quotes (19 photos)


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  • smitey

    Why does have an app, but The Berry does not? Somebody please make and app for the Berry!

    • Margaret

      Yes please an app for TheBerry!

    • Cass


    • Seldi84


  • Seldi84

    #1 George Carlin always was a fountain of wisdom and funny quotes.
    #14 Should be taught in schools and put on billboards

  • lexxy

    love this post!

  • nik

    I love these quotes. Sometimes I just want to print them out and put them all over the house for inspiration.

  • Ashley

    I LOVE the quote posts. Please make 'em a regular thing!!

  • veera

    Nice one…Its really good collection..

  • A Loyal Chiver

    Yes, A Berry app would be AWESOME!! I am very inspired by #4! lol! Chewbacca knows a lot!

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