• Smartie

    #3 First, congratulations!!! You look amazing.
    And THANK YOU! You gave me SO much motivation!! Right now I look almost exactly like you in the before picture. My goal is set, it is that in 90 days I will look as good as you do. Oooh, I'm really excited about this:)

  • ssoph

    the before and after pics are the best motivation! i hope i can show off with that some day too!

  • socalmarti

    #19 Beautiful. Moves like this are pure torture for me!

  • saramcevoy1

    #1 – the first photo on Daily Motivation that I have wanted to comment on. I COMPLETELY disagree with this quote. To say that just having a body is sufficient to call yourself an "athlete" is like saying that I can call myself a surgeon simply because I have hands. While its intentions may be good, I feel like this quote undermines the hard work that true athletes—in all their shapes and sizes–put into their sport – whether it's running, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, team sports, etc. The BETTER point is that everyone has the POTENTIAL to be an athlete—defined as "a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise"—-but simply "having" a body is not enough—you also have to create and maintain desire, dedication, and commitment to not only your training but also your nutrition, lifestyle and mental state. Just some food for thought this lovely Sunday morning, Berries!

    • DumbHaters

      Thank you! I couldn't agree more! Prepare to be down-voted though, as you may have touched a nerve with many women who view the Berry.

    • justlilolme

      I actually read the quote as in the same context as your paragraph. I see it paraphrasing the concept in saying if you have a body you have the potential.

    • jenniferG


      1.True Athletes don't have that HUGE EGO like you do.
      2. Couch surfing, and channel surfing are a sport in my house so shut your Judgemental Pie hole

    • tracii

      As a Supporter of Special Olympics. you Dear Saramcevoy1 couldn't be more wrong. Stop judging others based on YOUR definition of Athlete. fact……..This statement is from the co-founder of Nike.

      • mrshelderman

        THIS. ^^^^^^^^^^ A million times this

      • Annie

        but those athletes are still training their asses off to compete! I dont think everyone is an athlete, everyone can be one. Just because a 350 lb morbidly obese woman has a body she is not an athlete, now if she is trying to lose her excess weight and get healthy and strong then yes she is one step closer to being considered an athlete and one day may well be one. But simply because she has a body she is not one.

  • saramcevoy1

    Berries – I also recommend
    this book http://www.amazon.com/Why-We-Get-Fat-About/dp/030

    and this article http://www.nytimes.com/2002/07/07/magazine/what-i

    which share some really amazing and game changing insight into human physiology and the problems with refined, pro-inflammatory carbohydrates which are ransacking this nation and ruining people's weight loss goals. Share the knowledge!

  • DumbHaters

    Your body composition is primarily based on WHAT YOU EAT. 80% nutrition, 20% activity (exercise). You can bust your ass in the gym, but if you fuel your body with crap, you are setting yourself up to fail.
    The best way to shed body fat is with clean eating, or as close to it as possible. Lean proteins, nuts and seeds, veggies and fruits. Cut out sugars, processed starches/grains, and all junk in general. A good rule: if it was made in a factory–aka processed–it is crap.
    Let me add that you do NOT have to bust your ass in a gym 5 or more days a week. Do the research. Your body composition is primarily DIET related

    • Eric


    • Jen

      you are so right.

  • Angina


    I am pretty sure that running and ibuprofen do not go together because of ibuprofen's effects on the liver and the increased blood flow when running. Tylenol is a better choice.

    • Nursing 101

      Tylenol affects the liver more than ibuprofen does as Tylenol is metabolized by the liver. Ibuprofen is metabolized by the kidneys. It's why you should take ibuprofen rather than Tylenol when drinking alcohol. Ibuprofen is the better choice.

      • XYZ


        You shouldn't take Tylenol or Ibuprofen 30 minutes before running. They are both detrimental for your joints.

  • Margaret

    Hi Berries,

    #18 is a thorough lower body workout, one of several good sequences I've found on TheBerry

    Keep the workout ideas coming please !

    • Margaret

      I meant #16…but #18 is sweet

  • Savannah

    Can someone tell me where I can find #15's top? I love it. Pretty please:) haha.

    • Mel

      try lululemon they have great stuff

      • Savannah

        I couldn't find it there😦 but thank you!

  • Candice

    Why do people look at these pictures just to comment about whats wrong with them? If you don't like it, don't comment! It is annoying.
    #3 pure motivation for me!!
    I love theberry daily motivation!!!

    • Shani

      The problem I personally see with #3 is that that is a very drastic change for only 3 months. It would be incredibly difficult without starving yourself to get that small that fast.

      • Jen

        you are very wrong. with hard work, dedication and a good diet, 90 days is very reasonable to attain that sort of change.

      • Guest

        Jamie Eason's Program "LiveFit" is 90 Days long, no starvation whatsoever. Proper eating and working your butt off.

  • aaa

    #21 I needed that. Thanks Berry

  • LowCal

    Nice work #3. When can we expect to see you in The Chive's "Fit Girls" segment? KCCO!

  • anjanette hinton

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  • Tenacious_d88

    #10!!! I want all of em!!

  • Laney

    #10 = my closet 💙 I have a Nike addiction…

  • candice

    ·#7 #9 #17 #25 great job guys!!! i love seeing people working so hard to get there, it makes me want to do the same, so THANK YOU..

  • judy

    really? live healthy … take drugs!!! #14
    not cool
    i try to limit all drug intake. is this the best advice?

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