• Seldi84

    #3. Only part of the egg I eat

  • Angela

    #8 looks delicious

  • silverfire

    I'm pretty sure that if I tried #16, I would smash my face into that bar on (assuming I could get my face that high)…. So huge props to that girl

    #23 you look awesome:)

    • Emily

      Bahahahahaha oh my gosh, me too. It's my dream to be able to successfully do a pull up!

      • ChivetoSurvive

        The thing is, that is not a real pull up unfortunately. She is using all her swinging momentum, and little muscle to achieve her pull. Keep a sound body and concentrate and the muscles working. If you need help put one or two feet on a chair, and adjust as you go.

  • lemon

    #23 You look great! Well Done:)

  • Ian.

    I miss rock climbing #13

  • Bobby

    #14, poor gym etiquette. Wear a shirt in the gym. Even if you wipe down the bench when you're done. Not everybody wants to see you half naked!

    • Carina

      It's also very distracting…lol

  • Breezy

    #3 it's the cholesterol that'll get ya! Had to start doing egg whites only😦

  • Dumbhatersgirlfriend

    #16 i look forward to seeing you in PT. don't kid yourself either that is not a pullup. Do your ligaments a favor and stop kipping. Glad your doing something just stop that exercise just as the DOD banned it from their workout regiments. Kipping will injur you if not now, arthritis will be worse in 20 years had you not swallowed this crossfit blue pill.

    • Grumpy

      Without proper form every movement could be damaging.. from running to bench presses Also the DOD shouldn't be your gleaming example for physical fitness know-how considering they still have hands behind the head during sit-ups. Kipping done right like most olympic or gymnastic moves can be very beneficial and add to explosive power.

  • JustWhatINeeded

    #16 While not the safest workout, I have to thank you ladies so much for putting up what I consider a real woman. She's not model thin or even trim, but she's still beautiful. Now THAT is inspiring.

    • http://twitter.com/Izzie_x @Izzie_x

      That is kind of insulting to those who are naturally made skinny or just skinny. It seems as though these days you cant be skinny anymore to be a 'real' women. People saying that larger women are the 'real women' compared to skinny women is just as bad as saying the skinny women are the 'real women' compared to larger women. We all have different sizes and there is no 'real women' since we are all real

      • doerteee

        thank you❤

      • Amy

        Skinny model bodies are idolized and not always the norm. Yes, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, which is why its refreshing to see something other than the model type. What she means by a "real" woman is something OTHER than the model body and NOT a body shape that is constantly pushed and promoted by fashion and media.

        Word choice is important here. Yes, model and skinny women are just as real as bigger fat women, and all other shapes and sizes in between. But I have to agree that I like to see women who aren't in shape or who aren't naturally skinny who are WORKING HARD to transform themselves. It's inspiring!

  • Eisencrest

    #21 – I can lose weight but I could never be that girl… my bone structure just doesn't work that way. It's not a good idea to try and convince yourself you'll one day look like a super thin model if you're just not built in a certain way, because you'll feel like you're never making progress.

    When I look at my wrists for example, they are not these teeny tiny slender things, but when I feel them my wrist bone is right under the skin. I've accepted that certain parts of my body are not going to be itty bitty, and I'm okay with that because my progress so far has me feeling great, regardless of how I look. c;

    • Jessica

      Well said, love your attitude!!

    • Beret

      Exactly, and if that picture wasn't partially Photoshopped I'd be very, VERY surprised. Who says we all want to look like that anyway?

    • Maryssa

      Amen to you girl! I agree completely.

  • Danielle Lade

    #23 looks gorgeous in both pictures!

  • Jessica

    #25 Where in Oklahoma?? Sooner state represent!

    • Tor_c

      Boomer sooner!

      • Eric

        hell yes

  • annanaannnaaaa

    #22 huh?

    • annanaannnaaaa

      Ok weird. On mine it shows a pic of a beautiful engagement ring, not a bowl of beautiful raspberries.

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  • rosie

    #25 likeeee!!

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