• sjchemie

    #10 that's not precious, that's PRECARIOUS what the heck dad, get a better hold on the baby!

    • Christie

      As a person who knew someone that dropped his child on his head this way, I agree. It is very dangerous to hold an infant on your shoulders, especially one handed. There are much cuter ways to take a picture with your child. However, per the post, I do agree that there is nothing sexier than a great father! And I'm sure he meant well.

    • Guest

      I agree, that's really dangerous! so he's not so much of a great dad.

      but nevertheless it's true: there is nothing sexier than a great dad =).

    • lala

      shut up, paranoid freak! im guessing you must of dropped your baby a few times. lighten up, He's not freakin skydiving with the baby.

      • jessie

        I know couldnt agree more, The baby seems happy. Way to ruin a nice moment, sjchemie!

      • sjchemie

        *must have

        now who's the paranoid freak, huh?

        …oh wait, still me.

        • Ari214

          Hahaha. This thread made me laugh. Kudos to you, sjchemie, for being a good sport about it:)

        • Jiverchiver

          Hey sjchemie! You're correcting someone's grammar, really?! You abused those poor commas . Come on!

  • Guest

    this post made me smile.
    that's all so true.

  • Curly

    #10 so awesome

  • doerteee

    #16 I KNOW RIGHT
    Although I do try to match them (usually by just wearing black socks, haha.) if I know I'll take off my shoes in someone else's house or around strangers. But when I'm just going to class, who cares?

  • Bare E

    #7 glad it's not just me

  • annanaannnaaaa

    #22 only because theBerry did away with makeup madness monday. I still miss it so. Can we start a petition?

    • Typ

      Psssst, Makeup Madness Monday is usually Monday's edition of Mystery Misc. It's still happening, it's just more secret😉

      • annanaannnaaaa

        Good lookin' out. Thank you, fellow Berry!

  • Seldi84

    #19 I did know that. Still fascinating.
    #20 So bloody true.

  • katastrophe89

    #21 not completely accurate. Men will spends good 20 minutes of their morning taking a dump.

  • Some guy

    What the shit?

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