AEC: HMOTB of the Week: Karras Jordan (20 photos)

We found Karras' super hot photo floating around the interwebs and it sparked Berries to chant 'MOAR!' and 'Find Him!' We were able to locate Karras to feature him as HMOTB of the Week. He's super busy but remains grounded. As always, I'll let him take it from here...

I was born and raised in Jersey and now living in Atlanta. Although I have been blessed with many talents, my passion is my music. Writing lets me breathe, when I feel like I am in a room with no air. I am blessed right now to have ongoing projects in each of my talents. I am so proud to have published my first book, Mind of A Maniac, and it's coming out on February 20, 2013. I am also finishing up my mix cd, "The Rise of Karras Jordan," which will be available this March. My modeling and acting has been a constant and I am grateful for it all.

As you can see, I love INK! Each one of my tatts tells a story about my life.... the good, the bad and the ugly. I am single and I am loving and enjoying this ride we call life. Connect with me and you can ride too! See you soon!


Facebook: Karris.Jordan
Twitter machine: @KarrisJordan

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