• katastrophe89

    #16 or….they could actually be obsessed.

  • Suggie

    #9 Way to go Brit Berryl!
    Whenever I see the before photos in bikini, I remind myself of a post a while back that said Summer bodies are earned (or built?) in Winter. I absolutely will wear a bikini and by God, I shall cherish every single 'look at that BODY at her AGE!' look. I will!

    • ThisIsMe

      #9 – the photo on the right hand side is stunning. You're beautiful!

    • Steph

      OMG that's me!!! haha thank you! i wish you the best of luck hun:)

  • Pat

    #2 Dang, one time I am sure someone will sneak a photo of me and submit it to the Daily Motivation

  • JBB

    #1 Um. Babies don't sleep so well. They wake up crying every few hours.. Whoever wrote that doesn't have kids.

    • doerte

      Hahaha true.

  • Ginger

    #14 If I did that as soon as I woke up there would be some major injuries! The floor and the walls are not my friends in the mornings!!

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #3 I laughed more than what is probably socially acceptable at this one.

  • Jill

    #6 I know I knowww it's number 4 but beer is so good

    • PrettyPuppy

      Seriously. I am doing so great with everything else, but wine is yuuummmy.

  • Becky

    #24 made me giggle! Good start to the day!:)

  • Jessica

    This entire post was great! Thanks Berry!

  • Felicia

    I had to keep telling myself that if Honey Boo-boo's mom can lose 100 lbs I can lose 15… Then I ran a full 5k at the gym.

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  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #13 sexy!

  • Jenni

    #6 does anyone know what number 7 is?

    • Castiel

      Probably the aisles that advertise a bunch of candies and stuff. In several Walmarts I have been in they have a whole aisle dedicated to Valentine chocolates and candy and it changes with Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    • Stan

      Many grocery stores are set up with all " good stuff " in the middle aisles…sodas,junk food,stuff you like but are comfort foods.stores are set up super physiologically.

  • Tim

    what is the reason for #4, to hurt your back? How about some declined diamond push ups? get your pecs, lats, tris, bis and a bunch of other goodness in the mix

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – get it ladies.

  • hawkonawire

    #10 and #11 make me smile. Glad my 'off' day is over with and I get to run like the wind tomorrow!:)

  • Tenika

    #13 The body I strive for! I don't think there is anything sexier.

  • Dan Watkins

    amazing, my friend just messaged with this link saying 'i like number 25', its me!

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