• silverfire

    The collapsed nose look doesn't look good on anyone. Didn't look good on MJ, it doesn't look good on her.
    Such a shame, she used to be attractive. Now. Barf.

  • Scott

    Sure that wasn't about 12 different people? WOW!

  • Ari214

    My face hurts just from looking at that post…

  • Candles


  • mrshelderman

    Wow I really like the piece of fur covering your crotch in #2. Also…. kill it! Burn it with fire!

  • hgrow

    lil kim, no.. wait……… lil kim STAHP!!

  • kirinjirafa

    oh so sad

  • Purdey


    • Ivonne

      My sentiments exactly!! HOW can she look asian!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  • dollybakerton

    maaannnn, colour contacts are soo freaky! i hate hate hate them!!!!

  • xoxo

    #11 Is this the Drag Queen Mariah Carey look?

  • lali

    It's lil kim, letoya jackson, mariah carey's drag queen, and an asian woman…… =-O. o_O

  • VC98

    she could have stopped here #8 before she turned herself into a Jackson #26

  • stef

    #28 she looks like Charo here!

    • Chantelle

      my thoughts EXACTLY!

  • jillymcbean

    I kept thinking, "What the hell is that?" every time I scrolled to another picture. And #26 just scared the hell out of me. That chin…

  • Matt

    Hey Nicki Minaj…. This is your future.

  • kirah

    so she basically turned into La Toya Jackson….oy vey …dont these dr's have a moral obligation to tell the patient to STHAP!!! what a waste

  • Maria

    The stretch marks on her titties aren't all that hot.

    • Suggie

      But that is the most normal thing about her! It is one thing to talk about surgeries and a completely different one for us to start critising women because of stretch marks on their tits. Most women (and some men) have those. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

  • Abbey

    She used to be cute, now she looks like Latoya Jackson !

  • patri

    #27 SCARY!

  • Becki

    Dear god… she is almost as hideous as … who's that ugly thing on American Idol???

  • kait

    I can't get over how she looks now….. Doctors shouldn't allow that.. Just wrong

  • daciaannrogers101@gmail.com

    That’s sad she used to be beautiful! Not any more!

  • advnturetime101

    Is it bad that I've honestly never known what she originally looked like?…..:/

    • Christinne


  • Anonymous

    #6 she looked real nice but #29 she doesn’t look herself!! are you sure this is her???

  • Tori

    #13 I like this one, she looks pretty good:)

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