• Jessica

    #20 ErMahGerd!!!!!!!!!! Made my day!

    • Bhodi

      Such an underrated movie, loved the soundtrack!

      • justlilolme

        forever reminds me of Green Day:)

    • kmhogan82

      “I even tried it once, but when I put my finger down my throat, I was still hungry and I almost ate my arm.” my favorite quote from that movie.

      • Bhodi

        "Screw 'em!"

        • Jessica

          "You broke his nose Angus!"

  • katastrophe89

    #20 is the only one I haven't heard of or seen

    • kmhogan82

      One of the BEST movies ever!!!!!

  • Ginger

    #21 ABU!!!!!! Still Awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/MissyWere @MissyWere

    #4 still love it
    #5 and still one of my favorite movies #BFM

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #19 Cried. Every single time.

    • thaomeow

      The part that gets me is whenever the old lady lets him go in the forest. And that sad look of confusion as she drives away… oh god, here comes the tears… ;___;

    • Seldi84

      You are not alone.

    • Tracy

      I had never seen it until it came up on Netflix a month ago and my 6yo and I watched it together – I can't believe how much we were bawling, we hadn't cried at a movie like that since Toy Story 3!

      • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

        Seriously, I cried like a freaking baby during Toy Story 3. It was the end of an era!

    • advnturetime101

      To this day… this movie and The Land Before Time make me cry more than a real movie ever can:)

      • kassie

        I can't watch the scene in the lion king where moofasa dies. CANT HANDLE IT

      • Jessica

        The land before time is what I watch if I just want to curl up into the fetal position and sob for a few hours. Little Foot curling up in his momma's foot print is TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. Saaaaaad!

  • Seldi84

    #1 I can't be sure but I think this may be where my love of random hair colours on a girl started.
    #2 And this is definitely where my love of Dalmations came from

  • Seldi84

    #5 is where my love of EVERYTHING stems from.

  • Mav

    Absolutely awesome soundtrack in Angus! Love Spit Love's "Am I Wrong" is still a favorite of mine.

  • Hbomb

    #8 is it me or does it look like TInk is getting spanked by Peter Pan? hehe

  • Nataly

    #14 and #19, my favorite movies ever!!!

  • DrOfPsych

    #14 "everybody look left……everybody look right….everywhere you look I'm…..standin' in the spotlight!! "

    I remember I was in undergrad when this came out, and I took my two younger cousins to see this film. The bonus was my uncle helped create Scar. He used to be an animator for Disney.:)

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