• WorkSucks

    I misssssssa itttttttttttttt

  • Kait

    As a sorority girl, some of these are hilariously true. Especially #25. But I really hope people don't think this all we're about!

  • Tyler Rauch

    I love this haha all so god damn true! sorority girls are from another planet !

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    • Nat

      That one white purse is HUGE!! It's SUPPOSED to be a clutch, but NO.

  • barely bare

    #16 is that carrie underwood?

    • Savannah

      I think this was in her video for "All American Girl"

  • Jen

    I LOVE THIS!!!! KAO❤

    • DrOfPsych

      Omg! What chapter or University?

  • DrOfPsych

    Theta love!! KAO!!!

  • AprilShowers

    I'm sorry, maybe I'm a snob, but the lifestyle of a lot of people in frats/sororities makes me sick. The way a lot of them treat other people is absurd. People say the best friendships are made there, but what is portrayed is that college is all about drinking and partying. Sorry, but my higher education is do get a degree. *jumps off soap box*

    • Beth

      It's not snobbery to have an opinion. Personally, I'm in college to get a degree but I'm also in a sorority. The two aren't mutually exclusive because it's ok to be smart and party.

    • DrOfPsych

      Not every chapter of a sorority has a "party" mentality. I for one did not party my ass off in college. I also had friends outside of the Greek system.
      Sure, there are always the bad apples in every bushell, but you'd be surprised how many of us (especially sororities) do not approve of excessive drinking/etc.
      I graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to medical school. Obviously, I obtained my degree (and then some)😉

      • hilary

        of course there are always exceptions … we are obviously talking about the 99% here..

    • Kait

      I am sorry that you feel this way. Unfortunately, only the bad things about fraternities and sororities are reported in the media.

      • AprilShowers

        It's not necessarily the stuff reported to the media, it's what I see in college on a daily basis. Disrespecting other students and teachers. And I definitely didn't say all, just the majority.

  • kal

    #25 I totally read this in a Karen Walker voice from Will & Grace… LOL

    "What are you doing? Whats all this About?"

  • Tor_c

    I love this!!!

  • jen

    finally they are exposed….they all think they are so cool…so embarrassing to watch.

  • hilary

    best berry post ever!!!

  • Kat

    Makes me think of tech school, only I got paid for it instead of the other way around.

  • DumbHaters

    Oh here we go again! It's amusing to see the hypocritical bitches down vote the women who commented they were in a sorority. What?? You didn't get in?? What's with you?? Why down vote these girls for showing their Greek spirit?

    • Just Sayin

      Wow, that was a little snotty of you to say. I didn't down vote anybody, because it's not my business ,but the poor girls that didn't get into sororities don't need to be hated on anymore than they were for basically being not good enough for a sorority. I don't know what getting into a sorority involves, because I, personally, don't give a shit about the greek life, but I'm pretty sure it's a little ridiculous. People are allowed to have their own opinions, but your snotty little "What?? You didn't get in??" is a little pretentious.

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  • Frank


  • Tenika

    I wish I went to a school with Greek life….I'll always regret not being able to have letters.

  • LGE

    #2 nothing like a Lilly Pulitzer beer koozie.

  • Suzie Sorority

    Everyone here who has, quite unfortunately, not experienced Greek Life seem to be glossing over a few details. The Greek system in the United States logs over 10 MILLION hours of volunteer work each year. All but two United States Presidents since the first social fraternity was formed in 1825 are Fraternity men. Over 85% of campus leaders at schools with Greek Life are Fraternity or Sorority members. Greeks also continuously have a higher graduation and retention rate than their peers. Yet, through all of this, Greeks only make up 3% of the United State's population. Anybody that's in a Fraternity or Sorority knows that being a Greek means a life-long commitment to philanthropy, leadership, and community involvement. Wearing letters opens thousands of opportunities. It's a shame that negative stereotypes of the Greek Community are spread, rather than this information.

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