• LowCal

    Well done, #9, well done!

  • Seldi84

    #22. That is a good idea
    #4 #20. Good things to keep reminding yourself

  • Becky

    #5..intimidating! Dang!
    #9..seriously, what is she wearing?
    #18..yum. I could go for one of these right now. Or anytime really.

  • Mudder

    #20…Horribly untrue. If you honestly believe this Google "top ten fasting myths". If eating lots of small meals works for you by all means keep doing it. But don't feel bad if you prefer fewer/larger meals. Just get the proper amount of calories, protein, carbs and fat and you'll be fine.

    • http://Courtyb.com Court

      This didn't say anything about meal portions. It says not to starve yourself…

    • QueenBoudica

      For some people, skipping a meal (like breakfast) would send them on a downward spiral of out of control eating at their other meals, which is what #20 is stating (I feel).
      For ME, I am never hungry in the mornings (usually not until 2PM) and I eat fine the rest of the day.
      I am one of those people, however, that when I DO eat breakfast, I tend to end up ravenous ALL DAY and overeat! I prefer to have a couple of cups of green tea during the mornings, then *start* my day having a small combo of brunch/snack right around 1PM.

    • Annie

      You are right. One of the best diets (lean gains) is all about this… Intermittent fasting is super good for you and will not suddenly sed you body into starvation mode… after a couple days of eating say under 500 calories it may, but not if you say dont eat breakfast, or lunch.

  • themanager

    #20 is not really correct. That happens in long fasts, not from skipping one meal. Also, "starvation mode" is triggered very differently in everyone's body.
    Many studies on Intermittent Fasting have shown no ill effects of only eating during one or two "feeding windows" throughout the day. In fact, many have shown some benefits.

    Bottom line, find what's right for your body, and do that.

  • Zim

    The problem with #13 is that if you have a beautiful view like that you shouldn't spend it in a glass box. Humans are not hamsters, get off the treadmill and go explore the area

  • Erin

    #14 Why not just run? haha

  • Ginger

    #2 So true!!

    • Ari214

      Yes!!! Sometimes I feel my boyfriend is wondering why the heck don't I just wash my hair but I know if I do it will be harder to make myself go sweat and make it gross again in the same day!:)

    • Jessica

      That is my constant problem! And also what hats were made for. I have some stinky hats.

    • Hawkonawire

      My constant battle! I hate showering twice in the same day!

  • socalmarti

    #19 I was totally with you until you used the word totes. What are they tote bags? Type out the whole word please!!!

  • kmhogan82

    I want #14 so bad!!!!! Except, I am pretty sure I would die if I started going downhill.

  • mrshelderman

    Sometimes I wonder if when they look for daily motivation pictures they have to not post some because they say "Nope the butt hurt factor is way too high on that, someone will for sure find a flaw in it and post a hundred word rant that no one wants to read".

  • JeniNova

    I love #16 for both the message of self-improvement without self-loathing *and* for the t-shirt shes' wearing. I think my inner nerd is showing.

    • JeniNova

      Gah. *she's

  • Lindsey

    #5 is my little sis. She has been annoyed because this picture has been popping up all over the internet without her consent. Oh well, that is how the internet survives!

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  • Eric

    #20 is complete bullshit. Google "intermittent fasting."

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