• Deeb

    #18 A little passive-aggressive, but hilarious nonetheless.

    • Eisencrest

      That's the best part!

  • Crush

    #11 May be douchey, but she's still pretty fricken hot….actually most of these girls are.

    • Jacci

      This is not coming from jealousy nor hate, but all of these girls are beyond skanky. Skanky does not equal hot. Now if they peeled back the make up, spray tans and stopped injecting their breasts and lips with silicon, then yes, they probably would be hot. But instead they all look like the same and quite dirty. Now #11 is a whole other mess I'd rather not think about this early in the morning.

      • Skooki

        Your comment came from hate AND jealousy. Don't try and act like it didn't

        • Ari214

          I don't know Jacci, but I can also say I do not envy these "women". Nor do I hate them.. it's more like a mix of WTF and amazement at their artificial everything.

          • anditisLiz

            A mixture of WTF and amazement is the perfect description. I don't envy them either, I'll be the first to call a beautiful woman, beautiful. However, these girls just come off as skanky and easy which is definitively not something I would aspire for. Plus the pounds of makeup alone is a turn off, I think they would be much more beautiful with a fresh face!

            • xoxo

              and high maintenance

            • michael22

              you're hot

    • socalmarti

      And then you guys wonder how you got the herp/clap/crabs.

    • mike533

      Hot?! Really? Oh-oh… looks like we have a douchebag in the house.

    • Chelsea

      Its funny to think anyone would consider Courtney Stodden hot, attractive, or normal. She was pumped full of silcone and plastic before she was legally aloud to vote, and her parents singed papers legally allowing her to marry a 60-year old actor when she was 16.

      FYI, theres a reason why these people are in the DOUCHEBAG thread. Is it really sexy pr good to be called or named something after a vagina cleaner?!

    • Dandude

      She kinda looks hot, but I am scared whats underneath the piles of makeup

  • AstroMikeDexter

    So much ugh.

    I did find #7 kinda funny though..

  • Hazel

    #11 Every time I see a picture of her I try to make my mouth do that weird thing her mouth does. Like it's flat but still duck-face. It is so bizarre and unsexy. I don;t understand it at all

  • Kirstie

    #11 I still would

  • Meghan

    #14 Yes Please

    • Mike Larson

      <img src="http://long.apparelbookstore.info/time.jpg"/&gt; okay i'm a guy and even i think that is hot…

      • Keith

        Me too! But I'm gay…

        • MylesofStyles

          Apparently, so is Mike Larson. You two should go bowling.

    • michael22

      a little manscaping wouldnt hurt

  • mazzie

    #11 she is hysterical! as in i can't help but laugh at her.

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  • justlilolme

    I wish we could quarantine these people to Vegas.

  • socalmarti

    #20 True Story! If this is how your going to raise your child you should atleast have the courtesy to home school them!

  • Brandi

    #20 Andy Milonakis??

  • Jay

    #19 all I have to say it GROSS!!! do everyone a huge favour and never take ur pants off again!

  • Jessi

    #4 I have reason to believe the guy on the left is wearing rouge…..

  • Abby

    If you can't see the penis, it must not be there.

    • xoxo


    • schango

      not to brag, but I was thinking I couldn't pull that off without a photo bomb

  • caligal

    #14 why is this under the douchebag trap? he's hot af

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