• Tor

    #11 …. apparently you just have to a minority

  • Katie

    #10 This whole thread had me shaking my head. But, I remember refusing to eat my Rice Krispies as a kid because we were out of milk. My dad added cherry coke. It was truly five types of incredible for a 6 year old.

  • mrshelderman

    I like to imagine at the end of #6 he just takes a puff of his cigarette and keeps talking.

    • xoxo

      Calmest man ever!

  • Eisencrest

    The more I look at #24 the funnier it gets.

  • carm

    #23 is creepy as hell. Ring, anyone?

  • Emma

    #13 if you look closely, you can see the picture within the picture on the chip bag. I imagine it continues.

    • xoxo

      Is that Winona Ryder on the package?

      • Keith

        I thought it looked like her too!

    • mrshelderman


  • DrOfPsych

    A few of these people may need my services. o.0

  • kelly

    Oh man I saw #17 at Dragon Con two years ago!! She was so awesome.

    • Penny


  • Sarah

    #7 – hilarious

  • Seldi84

    #17 Jaynes hat the cosplay. Amazing.
    #20 Bill Bailey being awesome.

  • buttercup78

    #2 is obviously someone with Hypertrichosis. Insensitive much?

    • mrshelderman

      You know what's super fun? When you can't make a joke about anything ever because someone somewhere might be offended. I love that!!!

      • bdd

        It is possible to make jokes without making fun of someone. I have a facial disfigurement and I'd feel pretty shitty if I saw a pic on here poking fun at my condition. But I'm glad you think your need to be amused for a few seconds is worth being hurtful.

        • mrshelderman

          For your information I have seen this man on television and he is not an over-sensitive jerk. Furthermore this man is part of a "circus freak show" his own words. So he chooses to go in front of crowds for a living. His whole job is to make people say WTF. Again, his choice. He is comfortable and happy with who he is. I didn't laugh when I saw this picture, but I also didn't think it was necessary to cause a stink.

  • Peeds

    #4 is just creepy! This whole looking like a doll fetish is a disturbing.

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