Top celebs criticized for their curves (15 photos)

Click HERE to see celebs gaining weight for roles.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #9. To me at least, you can't say a bad thing about them.

  • TommyB

    #14 NOT really a celebrity unless we're counting those now….

  • George Zip

    You had me until Snooki showed up.

  • Josie.p

    All of these gals look fantastic yeah except of course #14 blugh

  • Mamato4

    I think they are all beautiful, except #14 and #13. And only because I think they wear WAY too much makeup. I think they are beautiful in pics where they are not wearing much makeup.

  • MHarv

    You forgot Kate Upton…

    • emm

      Kate Upton has no waist! Shes just a straight line all through her mid section and has no hips! Boobs do not count as "curves"

      • grace

        are you aware you just criticized a woman for having no curves…

        • femtrooper

          I think its more because people constantly stating shes so "curvy" when shes not. Shes cute and has a nice rack, but that does not make curvy.

        • emm

          Absolutely not criticizing her for having no curves. Nowhere in my comment did I say she wasn't attractive or have a good and healthy looking body.. Just saying that "Curvy" isn't the right way of describing her shape.

      • Curly85

        Agreed. Waist to hip ratio is what is usually meant by curvy, even if there aren't really huge boobs present. See Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

  • Lucie

    You also could have written: "Celebs FAMOUS for their curves". What would J.Lo be without them, for example? #8 And I wonder why Drew Barrymore is in this post, she's pretty, but I've never considered her to be that curvy #12

    • Jessica

      My thoughts exactly. I was thinking "Celebs envied for their curves, maybe!" These are gorgeous women! Some even the reason why some women get boob/butt implants! But I think women are beautiful no matter their size, as long as they're healthy, and these are definitely healthy curves! And yea never considered Drew Barrymore as curvy?

  • justlilolme

    half of these women are cherished for their curves, not criticized. Just because they are curvy girls in Hollywood doesn't mean they are automatically judged.

  • socalmarti

    My friend says there's a diffirence between curves and rolls. #13 and #14

    • Shelby

      See, this is why this post is here.
      It is for us to not judge these women because they are curvy,
      Jesus, shut up.

      • Annie

        But their is a difference between being curvy and being fat. Im not shaming anyone for their bodies.. all women and beautiful and all that good lovey dovey shit, but their is a difference, just like there is between skinny and curvy.

      • Jenpen

        FURREAALLS!!! Thank you Shelby, I thought the same thing!

  • Dyanasaur

    Scarlett Johansen is BEATIFUL!!!! But where is Jennifer Lawrence?

  • ashley

    where is miranda lambert??? she's one of my favorite curvy girls!

  • Ari214

    Sorry, #15 looks like a beast. I know she's pregnant again now but that dress?!

    • Amy

      and those boobs!!!

  • Corvo

    Kim Kardashian and Snooki, I don't think people are criticizing them for their curves, I think people are questioning why they are celebrities and criticizing them for their morals.

  • Katie

    They all look great…what are people thinking? I'm a skinny girl myself…but really thin girls compared to these girls don't stand a chance.

  • bujnjknj

    usually when they say curvy, they mean fat; none of these woman are even fat or ever have been fat for that matter; with the exception of 2 of the ladies whom still happen to be absolutely gorgeous; PLEASE STOP MISUSING THE WORD "CURVY"

    • Alex

      I actually think using curvy as fat is misusing the word, though.

    • monie

      Curvy does not equal fat. Curvy means you have an hourglass figure, it's only until recently plus size women have highjacked the term to mean them. You can be a size 1 or a size 16 and be curvy. So bujnjknj, you stop misusing the word curvy!

      • xoxo

        YES!! Exactly! I wish people would stop saying "curvy" when someone is just fat. You can be fat and curvy but you can also be trim and curvy too. Some people are just fat without curves.

  • Olivia

    Why do you even post this stuff Berry? You are perpetuating negative body image and the stigma against bodies bigger than a size 0. Every body is beautiful, all of the people in this post included. Plus, it's THEIR FREAKING BODY, not yours, so they can keep it however they want! Seriously disappointed in your negative language.

  • hayley

    love #3 #4 and #10!

  • Cassy

    #5 is an unfortunate fashion decision, as it doesn't suit her beautiful body well, but aside from that, these are all gorgeous women and I should be lucky to be even half as beautiful and sexy!

  • Alex

    Jealousy is a harsh mistress

  • socalmarti

    I'm always amused by how people get so butt-hurt over other random peoples comments on the internet. Get your shit toghether and have some confidence! Sometimes I pop popcorn for the comments section of posts like this!!!

  • Maryssa

    Um hello, where is Adele?!

  • waltgator

    girls with curves rock

  • MNExpat

    I don't think any of these women have ever been criticized for being curvy. All of them have been applauded for it. Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera have been criticized for gaining weight, but even stick thin women in Hollywood have had that happen to them–"oo, has she got a baby bump??" when, in reality, the person just had a healthy meal or an unflattering shirt. I have always been curvy, both at a size 18 and now at a size 8. I have always been ashamed of my body, because that has never been the ideal (or so I thought), but now that there are beautiful women being celebrated, I feel better.

  • Abbey

    #13 I'm sorry but I think Christina looks fat, not curvy.

  • itsarandomlife

    I think all these women are BEAUTIFUL! Curves are sexy and theBerry is NOT critizing these women OR promoting bad body image. Christina is gorgeous, she always has been. So is Jessica Simpson.

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