• http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #24 That….is a nice ass.

    • Novalee531

      SUCH a nice ass

    • Moe

      a very nice ass indeed

    • Court

      I was thinking the same thing. When back to that picture 3 times!

    • rocklesson86

      Yeah that is.

  • AnnaB


    • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

      lol…yeah, that was my exact thought when I saw that angle.

  • Brittany

    Why is Rob Gronkowski not in this album?? mmm….

    • Erica

      …or Julian Edelman

  • heatharrgh

    You are missing a lot of hot athletes. But #16 and #25 make me happy. Happy Valentine's, Berries!

    • airbornegf

      This is rugby…yes??? I am gaining such an appreciation for this sport because of the berry…

  • Novalee531

    schank you. I can't schpeak cos I'm drooling so bad

  • Moe

    #16 Made my day

  • me_day!!!

    who's on the right??? I need to know! it's 1:15 in the afternoon on valentines day and I'm already hammered. and that is why I think I deserve to know who the guy on right is. =) thanks.

    – forever alone.

  • Sarah

    I'm glad to see that "Athletes" didn't automatically translate into "Football and Basketball Players" – it seems like a lot of people forget that athletes play other sports as well. I am disheartened by the lack of hockey players though… Unless some of the dressed-down players are hockey and I just don't know. A definite possibility.

    • collegechivette

      I agree.There are some mighty fine hockey players out there. One of them, Tyler Seguin, is even a Chiver!!!! Look him up!

    • cbox73

      I know! And they put Sean Avery as the one guy on skates here? At least if you are going to choose a Ranger choose Henrik Lundqvist, who is the hottest of them. But there are so many other hockey players I find attractive (even if they aren't what most people consider gorgeous but I love the way they play) I could do at least 3 entire posts on them…

    • doerteee

      LOVE hockey players. I know we had a hockey post here a while ago, but I think it's time for another😀

  • shelbyslt

    this is seriously making not having a hot date on valentines day so much harder on me lol!

  • Kacie

    I'd love see some Colin Kaepernick pics next time!

  • Keith

    #18 That's a new angle.

    • Carina

      by 'new' you mean 'awesome'

      • Jen

        OH CANADA!

  • Jackie

    #26 !
    I gotta get me a goofy guy!

  • kelsey

    where's aaron rodgers?!?!?!?!?!

  • CKit

    #1 makes me feel like a dirty old lady! How old is he?!

  • Italia

    who are #10 and #14?

    • ange

      10 Xabi Alonso, 14 Adam Scott (same as #12)

  • http://www.dayinthelifeofaskygurl.blogspot.com LAskygurl

    #24 holy shit nice ass❤ and I have a weak spot for baseball player #5

  • amber_elisabeth

    #11 #17 love me some Derrick Rose!!

    • Miss Ma'am

      i miss him on the court😦

  • Abbey

    Eric Decker should be in this post !

  • http://www.dayinthelifeofaskygurl.blogspot.com LAskygurl

    Jonathan Toews — he is SO cute, you guys should do a post on him!

  • hisela

    lawd #1 #14 and #29 guy on the right

  • rocklesson86

    Some of these players are hot.

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