Celebs – airbrush = twitter pics (14 photos)

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  • mrshelderman

    I'm gonna guess Kaye Hudson posted #2 not Stella McCartney

  • xoxo

    #3 #4 seatbelts!

    • PicklesMcGee

      #3 is in the backseat… #4's goes over her left shoulder and might just be hidden from view in the pic….

      • justme

        so you don't need a seatbelt in the back seat???

        • Sarah

          It's not a good idea, obviously, but in some states, it's not illegal to not buckle up if you're in the back seat!

        • PicklesMcGee

          If you're an adult & you live in NY you do not need to wear a seatbelt in the backseat.

  • Ari214

    The car could be stopped for all we know…

  • Sarah

    #4 – Hilary Duff is beautiful, and she keeps getting better with age. I used to dislike her for some of her choices, but she's cleaned up since marrying and being a mother, and she just seems so classy now. Good for her.

    • Keith

      She is so gorgeous in this pic!

  • Dollface

    I thought oprah was a man! Whoa! Had to do a double take!

  • http://www.tumblr.com/jennisashark jennisashark

    Whoever labeled these pictures needs to learn the left-to-right rule of labeling pictures. Sorry, it just irked me.

    • ssoph

      i agree: it is so annoying!!!!

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