• Seldi84

    #11 I'm sure that won't be the last thing to get in her eye before the holiday is over.

  • boop

    #5 why??

    • jenn

      i know!!

  • Crush

    #19 is hott..

    • jillymcbean

      Go back to the Chive. We don't need your kind here.

      • Jealous much?

        Considering this site is an off chute of The Chive and wouldn't exist if it weren't for The Chive, I think you could be a little more respectful!

        • jillymcbean

          Whoops! Didn't mean to imply that that person wasn't welcome at all! If they had said something constructive and added to the sense of community so present on theBerry, I would not object. However, I read a few other of that person's comments and felt them a bit misogynistic and out of place here. But the comment section of theChive is infamous for overtly sexualizing the women and that just isn't what theBerry is about.😛

      • Ari214

        I get where you're coming from but maybe poster above has a point.. I go to The Chive and comment and I wouldn't want the guys there to tell me to bug off and go back to The Berry. Just sayin'…

    • fakecans

      And what's wrong with loving collages? Maybe she is into art!!

      • Ari214

        Good point.

      • suzanne

        Or maybe she she loves collagen-we just aren't seeing the whole shirt😉

        • suzanne

          oops-only meant to say "she" once

          • Crush

            Jilly is probably mad ugly and super jealous….so I take no offense.

  • Crush

    #1….is the only thing wrong in 1 is that is should be You're and not Your? if so, I think that's a little nit picky.

    • Me.

      I think the irony is that a good teacher would have taught them the difference between your and you're.

      • Sarah

        Unless it's a math teacher. =P

    • Jacq

      Really, Crush?! *facepalm*

    • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

      I think that complimenting any educator while using improper grammar is a FAIL! Not nit-picky at all. It's not that hard to learn the difference.

    • Shelley

      It's not nit picky, it's about proper English lol

    • lg87

      If you think that's nit-picky you clearly don't understand the difference between you're and your…

      • Crush

        What if the student was like in 5th grade?!?!! I mean give me a break people…..nothing but a bunch of GEEKS up in here…..NERD alert!

        • Jess

          I substitute teach for 5th graders quite often, and they are all able to tell the difference between "your" and "you're" (usually better than some adults).

  • Sarah

    #14 – This has been on the Berry before… and I say it again. HOW is that puddle so deep that she disappears????

    • zillyzallie

      I second the depth question and add: what was the plan AFTER she got successfully onto the swing? How did she intend to get back onto dry land?

    • Jacq

      Ahahaha!! You're right! That's hilarious

    • xoxo

      It would have been awesome to see the aftermath.

    • sarlm

      have u seen the aftermath of this gif on tumblr? so good: http://arielislove.tumblr.com/post/41703185178/ta

  • Lily

    Oh my god how dumb can you be?

    • Anjin-San

      America, seriously, how can live without bidet?
      I mean, wouldn't you like to wash your "hidden part" after u take "number 2"?
      And don't tell me that you have a shower every time becouse I'm not gonna believe it

      • you suck


        • Ari214

          I will say.. after I house-sat for my boss for a month and they had one at his house, I found it very handy!!!

  • katastrophe89

    #7 is my favorite. I can't believe someone fell for it immediately!

    • Ari214

      In my head, I am wishing that Shona person is just being witty and going along with the joke. I know, I know.. a girl can dream, though.

  • jenn

    I couldn't stop laughing at #3 and #5… that just made my day.

  • Kelley

    #11 don't they know Makers can't keep up with demand? Wasteful

  • Carro

    Haha! #5 is hilarious!😄

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