• Seldi84

    #19. procrastination is my friend.
    #20. Looks tasty.

  • Dasiy

    #13. You look a bit like Adam Brown. Kudos to you for getting in such shape! Looking good.

  • lemon

    How bad is it to exercise then eat breakfast?

    • Carina

      Not bad at all. You should actually eat breakfast and wait half an hour, then exercise. It's important to eat after working out to repair the muscles you've been working.

  • mrshelderman

    #6 I am a yoga person so my success is holding poses longer, being more flexible, and getting stronger in general. You will not beat me Shive Rea.

  • Eisencrest

    #24 – Assuming you're not lying in a ditch.

  • aces

    #6 I keep trying to tell my scale-obsessed friends this. Their attitudes about numbers, even in the course of a day, is so unhealthy.

    • QueenBoudica

      aces~ I know a gaggle of women like this! Although I will weigh myself when I first get up, this group will weigh 2 and 3 times A DAY! I could never understand the obsession with whether or not they gained *weight* throughout the day. Dafuq?

  • Crystal

    #2 best post ever!

  • dollybakerton

    anyone else not seeing the "NEXT POST" button?…

    • Ari214

      I'm not seeing it, either.

  • Jacq

    #9 – burpees!! Oh the horror!😛

  • Jocelyn

    #9 burpees at The Standard Hotel in South Beach, Miami (at least that's what it looks like)… Would definitely trade her places any day!

    • Ryan

      you know thats a him right?

  • Ally

    #2 this

  • Becky

    Holla to #2 and #15. I am celebrating Valentine's Day and all things love…by going to a "Love Your Legs" class! My kind of holiday!:)

  • katy

    #17 – i NEED that shirt! someone tell me where to find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suggie

    #9 WOD
    #16 WOD (work out of the day – CrossFit) plus Chest to Bar Pull-up. Followed by Burpees again.
    I'm on the berry after my workout because I need to remind myself why I'm doing all this.
    Summer body.

  • lalalena

    #14 yes, yes you do and nothing motivates me more than Jensen Ackles

  • LowCal

    Keep at it, sailor. Lookin' good, #17!

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