• Seldi84

    #17. I could never look that good in a suit.
    #22 Not always true. Some women love a bastard, sadly it's those women who have said gentlemans affections.

  • Christine

    #2 Plaid all day every day please!

    • dollybakerton

      you got'r sister! love me some country boys!

      • airbornegf

        You do see his hair right?? Just because he wears plaid doesn't mean he's country…

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    I've seen #24 and always like it

  • Moe

    #16… a fanny pack? hell-to-the-no thank you

  • TommyB

    #1 stocking cap w suit? Um…NEVER!
    #7 wouldn't we all love to own and wear a Submariner classic?
    #16…a fanny pack?….really…?
    #23 you're in public…please wear shoes.
    #24 slight variance of me every-day…thank you.
    Sorry for being snarky today – don't like V-Day!

    • Moe

      Danggggg you dress that sharp every day?

      • TommyB

        Yup! I never know when I'll meet my next boss, client or GF…
        "Luck favors the prepared dahling…so I covered z-basics…" – Edna Mode.

        • Moe

          You suit up AND quote Edna Mode… My guess is you can find one (or all three) of those on the daily.

          • TommyB

            Thank you you're very generous. I try…

  • Sarah

    I was beginning to worry we wouldn't find any salmon pants in today's installment… Thank goodness for #15!

    • Ander

      I was beginning to feel hope that we wouldn't see any.

  • kate

    #17 aghhh so handsome

  • mrshelderman

    #15 now those are some salmon pants! He looks really comfy. Also good one today alex. #20 and #17 are a good valentine's day present for me!

  • kmhogan82

    I am just not a fan of the yuppie look #23 and #28 are examples of what I wish my bf would never wear…..

  • WallyBets

    Where is the next/previous button??

    I look at The Berry once a day from UK and it is becoming a pain to look at the posts.

    Sort it out please.

  • TommyB

    Despite my earlier snarky comments, THIS really is one of my most favorite posts of the week – it's inspirational really.
    Happy V day to all you lovers out there –
    Remember, Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! – Auntie Mame

  • airbornegf

    Good, I'm glad to hear that:) haha

  • Keith

    #21 and #23 need serious shoe help.

  • Bob

    #6 Why would anyone want anyone to wear that?

    • TommyB

      #6 Cause it looks good w a dark wash jean and is warm. The blue gingham is classic and the cable-knit of the sweater adds texture, bulk [warmth] and makes it more interesting. The leather zipper pull give it a refining detail. It dresses up without looking 'dressed-up'

  • Art

    With the exception of #1 #15 and #23 damn good gallery! BEst in a long time!

  • DRD

    TheBerry: proof that wearing a suit that doesn't fit looks awful.

  • Ostrich Feathers White

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  • Jenn

    #1 reminds me of Justin bobby from the hills

  • YeahGirl

    #1 … really? You want your boyfriend to wear the same outfit as a guy with a pretend iPad begging for change behind a Starbucks. 'Cause I'm almost sure that is what is going on here. I am always let down [but never surprised] by how bad fashion posts are on The Berry.

    Just go buy your boyfriend everything at Banana Republic … because that seems to be the fashion range of the posters on this site. Stick to food pictures and memes that you get from other sites.

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