AEC: Hot men of theBERRY with tattoos! (70 photos)

We are lovin' the ink, gentlemen! Thanks for submitting these photos. We are putting HMOTB all over the site. Hope you have seen the newest posts throughout the week: 'HMOTB + Mirrors' - H(Motivated)MOTB & #TowelThursday.
Have a great weekend everyone!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique

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  • suzieq

    Gah no love for #3?!?! is the front as perfect as the back??

  • Jessica

    Oh, #48 how you still make me smile from ear to ear when I see you!

  • Nes

    #41 i'm in love with you!

    • Nes

      oh, and MUCH MOAR!! pretty please

  • Niki

    Idk what it is about #1, but I can't get enough.

  • kashrya

    #27, and for that, we thank you.

  • @karleenvalachov

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  • Kellie


    hi. i'm in love

  • KateieClaypool

    #38 LOVE! #brotherskeeper

  • Morgan Brown

    #48 ….. dat smile

  • lkturner4

    #23 #41 single? Yes please

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