AEC: Hot men of theBERRY with tattoos! (70 photos)

We are lovin' the ink, gentlemen! Thanks for submitting these photos. We are putting HMOTB all over the site. Hope you have seen the newest posts throughout the week: 'HMOTB + Mirrors' - H(Motivated)MOTB & #TowelThursday.
Have a great weekend everyone!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique

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  • shelbyslt

    #9 and #23 single?? haha

  • Lindsey

    This is, by far, my favorite HMOTB post. Too many to list! I am recently single and hoping to find my own tattooed, hot stud to call my own!

  • heatharrgh

    #22. That back! I… uh… what? Damn. Overload.

    • @VincenzoRock

      I'm working hard on it!

      • heatharrgh

        Can I work hard on it? Or the front…

        • @VincenzoRock

          i see what you did there haha

    • RedRider

      Agreed!! Daaaaaamn. Moar please.

  • kat

    LOVE THIS! #30 whudddup😉

  • Rachael

    #44 Is that an invitation for me to kiss your neck?

  • Buck

    That's a lot of douchebags in one place.

    • ash

      Ha! My thoughts as well

    • heatharrgh

      You're a lot of douchebags in one place.

  • @Mel_Fab

    #69 oh wow… Can we be friends? Please and thank you.

  • Lindsay

    #2, artsy, creative, beautiful, single?

  • Lisa

    Wow, you're tattooed and u KCCO! Hold my beer while I get naked!

  • baylee

    #35, #60- SO gorgeous.

  • Marie

    #53 is amazing!

  • Moe

    Dear Sweet Lord in Heaven! Best. post. ever.
    #41 you are GORGEOUS

  • mia

    #36 #41 JESUS. you are doing it right.

  • socalmarti

    #13 Very nice tattoo. #38 Very handsome!

    • socalmarti

      ooopppsss I meant #48 Is very handsome!!! Nice smile.

  • toni

    oh my!!!!

  • Rachel

    Nothing is better than a tattooed guy!!

  • Keith

    #35 is adorable

  • anditisLiz

    Please excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor….
    Omg, hottest list EVER! Too many to list but #38 and #44 are my favs!

  • @kristinenicolle

    Oh my god. I wish I was #17 's lip. Holy moly.

  • SDChivette

    This SD Chivette kindly demands moooaaarrr😉

  • Kelli


    Uh….wow….I'm speechless

  • Seals

    You guys gotta give a girl warning first.

  • Ashley

    Oh my lord #4 are you single??

    I'd let you sing to me all day long!

  • brainsock

    #41 F*CK YEAH!

  • ash

    #1 Hows about NO

    • Lexie

      How can you not be into armpit shots? Hahaha big NO from me too!

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