AEC: Hot men of theBERRY with tattoos! (70 photos)

We are lovin' the ink, gentlemen! Thanks for submitting these photos. We are putting HMOTB all over the site. Hope you have seen the newest posts throughout the week: 'HMOTB + Mirrors' - H(Motivated)MOTB & #TowelThursday.
Have a great weekend everyone!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan, Alex & Monique

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  • KylieJane

    #10 and #22 are the definition of sexy as fuck

  • Bob

    • Bob

  • poop

    Either I'm picky or your HMOTB posts are chosen when you're drunk. These guys have nice bodies but are not hot.. lol. Wow.

    • kccoMN

      Yup you're picky!

    • ash

      I'm with you, most of these guys have meh faces and/or look like total douche nozzles. #24 has a cadillac belt buckle and #60 has a girls name on his chest. Neither of those things are attractive. It's not picky, its having standards.

  • kccoMN

    #17 let me bite that lip for you sexy!

  • Laurel

    #16, thank you for berrying my hunky husband again! Love it!

  • Victoria A

    #64 I spot a zia!! Find him for an Albuquerque berry/chiver!

    • ash

      More like find him a hamburger, yikes

  • SQ28

    #41 All Day long!
    #69 69 IN HEART BEAT. WOW!!!

  • Seabeedoll

    #60 & #70

    Can i please have MOAR of each? Very handsome and amazing profiles. okay maybe its the muscles. rawr.

  • Emily

    #37 Maryland chivers have a special place in my heart:)

  • Kayla

    #48 goddamn!

  • lswrinkle5

    Damn I will take more of this any day! especially #17, #56, #21 and #23! Hot Damn

  • dandi162841

    I'll be your Chivette at the finish line.😉

  • dandi162841

    I meant #62!
    lol although #16 is gorgeous too!

  • areby

    #30 Not to be rude, but… his stomach looks like mine — a little chubby and lacking muscle definition. It's weird to see this on a guy…

    • dabingbongbanga

      not to be rude but… also weird to see on a girl. GYM TIME aaaawwwwww yeah.

      • mrshelderman


  • Sweetie

    No mention of #50? What is going on here?!? Please do not be shy and show your face:-) #61 too. And is #36 a Spanish Chiver? I have those bullfighting posters in my room lol. Be nice ladies and gentlemen. We should ban the word douche and its derivatives and focus on what we like and want more of.

  • Kim

    #28 completely my type! Super sexy! 😉

  • Brea

    Hello #9 ;):)

  • mar

    … tattoos are cool and all, but if you need ink to express who you are….i dunno, kinda sad?

  • Kristin

    And i told #6 to submit!:) Glad he did!!

  • McKenzie

    41, 52, 53, 56… especially 56. I have a weak spot for Marines.. Mmm. Are any of you handsome gentlemen single?? lol

  • KamiGabrielle

    I'd be okay with getting down and dirty with #6

  • Alicia

    70 looks delicious!

  • Jessica

    #41 What a MAN! I would love to cook breakfast for this guy, yum!!!!

  • Rose


  • christina

    #22 oh my lawdddd, that back

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