• Seldi84

    #10 awwww
    #18 so damn cute

  • anditisLiz

    #21 makes me melt! Too much cuteness.

    • Curly85

      They are true besties.

      • anditisLiz

        Animals are just amazing and that is one lucky little boy!:)

    • mn_mom

      Best Friends Forever!!!

  • baylee

    #2, #6, #8, #13, #21- i was completely emotionally unprepared for this level of cuteness!

  • doerteee

    #2 it's so tiny omg i can't handle it

    • Mel

      That's what she said.

  • airbornegf

    Love them all!!! but I think I could watch #13 forever

  • Jessica

    I would think #3 should always have snow..he looks so grateful!!
    This whole post made my heart grow 3 sizes.

  • Rachel

    #21 best friends.

  • chelsea

    # 3 makes me sad

    • Hollia

      Me too

  • vane

    excuse me? but where are the next buttons??

  • Meme

    So many babies….why is everyone having babies?!? They're cute but have mercy on those of us who can't have them

  • Lindz

    Good one berry!

  • Mittens

    #4. Love the Brittany!

  • Castiel

    #2 is just all kinds of adorable!

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