• Jarndyce

    Boob sweat?

    • xoxo

      Mostly inbetween and under.

    • Silverfire


  • Becky

    #24..easily the worst part of a workout!

    • youmay callmedaddy

      Not for guys, it's not! MMM boobsweat…

  • kim

    i really needed this today, I feel like I'm in that place of potentially being sucked back to unhealthy eating but will pull through!

  • Bobby

    #5 Be sure to eat enough protein for breakfast as well (20-25 grams). Your last big protein meal was probably dinner, 12 hours before. Waiting until lunch for enough protein is far too long, especially if you're active.

  • Blair

    #16 Can someone tell me what "reach 120 to 160" means?

    • bonnie

      i think it means he gains 40# of muscle

      • candice

        whoa, that is amazing!! great work, hottie..

  • katastrophe89

    #18 someone help those poor people! They may be stuck as pretzels forever!! Lol

    • Ari214

      It's great they're so flexible! But why does their hair have to look so greasy and grungy?! Haha

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  • stronger

    on #30 he's using 30's, I am usuing 30's as well but dont look like that and im a girl. sometimes in the gym i feel like i make the guys feel tiny cause im a girl and i dont look like i got a lot of muscle haha

    • stronger

      i mean #25 haha not #30 there is no #30

    • Weeks

      Analogous to life you can't judge sombody by what they currently lifting. You don't know what they lifted before that. Don't compare, just do your best.

      He probably just did a drop set from 60lbs down to 30lbs.

  • Krystal

    #20 is the best! My kids always try to work out with me. It sets a good example for them😀

    • bryan

      or maybe mommy is spending too much time working out and these poor kids are waiting for her to finish

      • Katie

        Or maybe Mommy is trying to set a good example for her children about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Judgey McJudgey Pants..

      • Melanie

        That's a really judgmental thing to say.

  • lemurfart

    #1 hot

  • Jilly

    #20 Get it, girl! You look strong & are leading by example!

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