• Lily

    #23. Love JGL!!! How about a mega post in honor of his 32th bday on Feb.17th????? Puuuullllleaaseeee?

    • ThigWife

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Love him
      He does not get enough credit for being a hottie

  • socalmarti

    #21 But you never are, don't even try, you will end up a frustrated mess. If he's not right he's not right just move on!!!

  • alex

    #21 But no one wants to change me😦

    • JAFitC

      I was going to make a snarky response, then I noticed the self-deprecating frowny face. I'm sorry for you man, just sorry.

  • arryah

    #26 I can totally relate!

    • Kmhogan82

      My husband and I call that foreplay.

  • Sarah

    #18 – Best parents ever. I had one of these. It was my favorite. =)

  • Seldi84

    #5. So true.
    #23 Love that film
    #26 sounds like something my girlfriend would say.

  • May

    #20 every damn time!

    • blueberrypancakes

      My old boyfriend used to tell me I had knee beards hahaha

  • Silverfire

    #26 yesssssssssss

    • Ronn!e

      Totally agree

  • Shae

    #21 – Actually, I am looking for the guy and relationship where neither of us has to change.

    • Alana


  • katastrophe89

    I love #13 words to live by😉

  • Pinky

    #1 goes for period pain as well as contractions.

  • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

    #11 That's my fingers! On my birthday! (It was my cake-grabbing nail art)

  • Not Me

    #2 Not just a girl thing, just saying….

  • anon

    will they please just get married and make super babies already

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