More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (21 photos)

Click HERE for my dream house!

  • Diana

    I got #19 at TJMaxx for $12! They always have them.

  • Seldi84

    #1. Very cool

    • dkellyb

      But why would you want to sharpen a carrot…?

      • sidekickk

        So you can make garnishes with the shavings!

  • @NLClayville

    #20 Proof Eyewear rip off. Proof is way better.

  • Mel

    #21 – Caution, its hot!

  • kaitlin

    #15 just bought that.. omg

    • Allie

      That is AWESOME!

  • Sarah

    #21 – AWESOME.

  • Alberta


    I like to click on each one just to see if I like the website you guys found these one.. This one looks great for future purchases but its a bummer they dont ship to Canada😦

    • Alberta

      I dont know how to delete, but am proud to say I discovererd THEY DO!!!:)

      Thanks Berry, another wonderful website to order gifts off of

  • Amy

    #4 More like, s'mores for ONE. Can't eat just one!!
    Also, cute idea, and super easy to do yourself!

  • Sue

    #10 That would be awesome to use on an absinthe spoon.

  • Sue

    #21 That's just plain ol' silly.

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