Shirtless friday (31 photos)


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  • Seabeedoll

    something about his smile makes my panties knot up.

  • lswrinkle5

    #19, #20, and #27 you definitely caught my eye! Very satisfied and 27 love your eyes

  • bangbangskeet

    #31… ;)

  • Castiel

    Who is #13? #15 and #18 you're welcome to stop by my house any time!

  • LAskygurl

    #1 is purrrrrfect, his smile <3

  • estef

    love #1 reminds me of my ex..
    #15 sweet baby jesus that man is too pretty for his own good..

  • Scully

    #15 ….I'll be in my bunk.

  • lswrinkle5

    #31 me and friend just wanna let you know you have a fantastic ass!!!

  • @InChiaroscuro

    This. Post. Is. Amazing. Seriously. I've been looking at theBerry for years and this is one of the best posts evar. <3 'scuse me, I have some more scrolling to do.

  • KamiGabrielle

    I'll take bachelor #21 pleeease! I always knew it was my favorite number

  • AZBerry

    I would love to meet #12 :) just sayin'

  • jess

    Perfection…. any from texas? I sure could use some perfection!

  • @aBlondeBabe


  • Alex

    #31 = epiphany! -The Berry should have their own hump day…this pic reminded me, but im not sure why?? ;)

  • Amanda

    #15 happens to be my favourite number and.. yummy! Diggin' #12 and #31 – nice boxers ;)

  • Shawna

    #15 Wow, what a body! I love his chest. #31 He has quite the nice butt ;)

    Great job this time, Berry!

  • f_milli

    I'll have one of each, please. But two of number 31. Thanks.

  • rocklesson86

    Dam my panties just got wet.

  • Check me out

    Id have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • wafflingpancakes

    2 Hunter Parrish?

  • Tay

    #10 #17 #24 and #18 that all american boy sexyness. mmmmmmmm.

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