• mel

    En Vogue was the soundtrack of my childhood. I thought they were SO BADASS.

  • Laura

    spice girls should have been at the TOP!!

    • Ash

      They saved the best til last😉

  • Seldi84

    #1. Wow, haven't thought of them in a decade. Second to the left was always my favourite.
    #2. God I had such a crush on those girls.

    • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

      Weren't M2M dating most of Hanson?

  • Bob

    Best and girl bands are oxymorons.

    • jhsm


  • Brigitte

    where are The Corrs??

    • sanjchee

      they weren't only girls, their brother played the guitar:)
      i know cause i watched and sang the whole unplugged album a couple of days ago😉

  • krypto092108

    Where were, and what about the Spice Girls?

    • xoxo


      • krypto092108

        Okay… That's where they went to… Thanks.

  • kelsey

    anyone remember eden's crush??? hahaha

    • Miss Ma'am


  • xoxo

    #13 #16 #18 hells yeah

  • Jessica

    Never heard of #3…but am disturbed by this image

    • CKit

      They aren't a "90's girl band". Which, kind of also explains their image.

  • Duckie

    Nostalgia overload! Hahahaha. I loved these groups.

  • Christina

    I totally just whipped out my B*Witched Cd the second I saw this post.

    • sanjchee

      haha i only know that one song of theirs.. blame it on the weatherman.. and went straight to YT to see it:)
      i loved en vogue .. they were fierce!

  • Amy


  • Jamie

    Wow!! I remember ALL of them!!:)

  • Joanna


  • barely bare

    whhhhaaaaat? no edens crush???

  • Guest

    You forgot:
    – Total
    – Oaktown 357
    – SWV

  • Bree

    Oh look! Beyonce's old nose!

  • A Loyal Chiver

    #1 B*witch, I liked a couple of songs of theirs. #4 Destiny Child, was a huge fan of theirs. #12 Tatu, only liked one song and I think it was their only top hit cause I never heard anything else from them. #13 TLC, listened to them a lot back in the late 90's. #18 Spice Girls, was a huge fan of theirs, they has awesome songs.

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  • Kattt

    Cleopatra!? Comin' atcha!

  • areby

    #1 "C'est La Vie" played on the Disney channel during commercial breaks. Looking back, the lyrics are pretty suggestive — but maybe that's just my adult brain over thinking the lyrics?

    • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

      "You show me yours, I'll show you mine"? Nah, totally dirty.

  • ssoph

    #18 and I still love them!

  • Romina

    You forgot L7!

  • student-tastic

    #18 My favourite band when I was young!! I have their movies on vhs too! Baby Spice was my favourite!

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