The best vegan recipes (19 photos + recipes)

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  • eclecticlamb

    Looks great!

  • Lindsey

    I am not sure you understand what vegan is. #1 isn't vegan.

    • Coco

      Ummm… what part isn't vegan?

      • Laura

        Hey Coco – they changed the first recipe after the mistake was pointed out – it was originally a goat's cheese pizza (which did look yum if you're into dairy, btw, haha).

        • Coco

          Cool, thanks for the reply! Love chèvre… so bad but so good!

    • Haydan

      Vegan "cheeze" is different than regular cheese and is completely vegan.

  • the huntress

    I started hunting, just to piss off stupid vegans. and I eat everything i shoot. Eating animals is not wrong. Try thinking for yourself.

    • Tim

      Hunters do it better. We always go deep into the bush and we eat what we shoot.

    • Laura

      I don't eat meat but I respect your right too – I also respect humane hunting more than mass farming – but you don't need to be an asshole to people who make the decision to cut meat out of their diets

      I like animals, and I don't want tendons and fat in my mouth. That's my choice.

      I don't think for myself? Ppsshhh. Ignorant.

      • Laura

        *To, DAMN.

        • Coco

          Exactly!! The majority of people blindly eat meat and animal products just *because* – that is the opposite of thinking for one's self. And, huntress, if you feel that way why would you look at a vegan gallery?! Those that lash out at others usually have some issues within themselves. If you make lifestyle choices just to "piss off stupid vegans" you have some things you need to sort out girl.

  • Jamie

    We try to eat at least two nights without meat, Thanks for the great ideas!!:)

  • Ricki

    Lovely roundup! Thanks so much for including my shepherd's pie in the list.😉

  • Katie

    hmm and the first picture isn't vegan, nice.

    • Emmylou

      what's not vegan?!

  • Jenn

    Finally vegan (mostly, minus number one) recipes on here!! Hooray for veganism!

  • Liz

    This is awesome! More vegan posts please!

  • Allie

    Really, Berry? Vegan? No I need my bacon and my steak ! Tofu is for sissies sorry!

  • Paulina

    Finally some vegan, cruelty-free meals😀 Thanks, Berry!

    • Smartie

      All vegans, don't get mad. But fact is you don't know where animals suffer more, nature or farms. For example wild fish get eaten alive by other fish. Then they suffer a slow death in the stomach.

      Same thing with other animals, they start eating before the prey is fully dead. Also there is huge amount of different diseases in nature that the animal doesn't get help.

      Soo, the cruelty point is not valid.

      But I do appreciate everyone vegan and the reason is global food situation.

  • MissVega84

    I would eat this stuff for the taste and health properties only, we have canine teeth in our mouth for a reason hippies

  • Emmylou

    I appreciate the vegan post. I am not vegan myself, but myself and my family are lactose intolerant and therefore focus on having no dairy, AND my sis in law is vegan so being able to find yummy recipes to try out on her is awesome.
    much love.

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