• RMbrandon

    I hope #2 meets a Marine in a dark alley and I hope said Marine saves #2 from some unknown threat. #2 = Douche.
    Semper Fi

    • katastrophe89

      How do you know he's a douche? Have you met him? I think Marines are douches.

      • Heather

        All marines or just some because aren't you categorizing them the same way this person is?

        • katastrophe89

          Didn't see the sticker. I called him a douche to piss him off, obviously.

      • Heather

        And also if you didn't notice the guy bashing on marines in this picture you wouldn't get why this person would be upset. They fight for our freedoms and some people choose to turn their backs on them it's sad really.
        I am referring to the semper fi sticker he has a red circle and cross through on his table.

        • Anon

          Yet another brainwashed idiot. Please tell me exactly how anyone in the US military is fighting for American citizens freedoms? If they were, they'd be laying seige on DC as we speak!

          • Jackie

            Douche is as Un-American as fried spiders for dinner. If you don't respect the men and woman who protect this country you are a Douche. End. Of. Story.

            • Hope

              Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to say that they are no is antithetical to the principle of freedom of speech: 1st Amendment.

              • Maggie

                Nobody is arguing with his first amendment rights. He has the right to be a douche, just like everyone else has the right to call him on it.

        • Hope

          I am in no way apathetic. I write to my elected officials, I am a law abiding citizen, and I, with the power of the pen, fight for my and others' freedom, too. Teachers, and every other job, contributes to society in both positive and negative ways. I do not mean to sound demeaning but it lessens my self-efficacy to assume, state, and credit another as does something for me.

          • Lia

            It's great how this snarky comment has 9 replies and the comment below it has 0. Everyone just gave up? Lol

  • Not Me

    #5 Oh no, That is not good at all.

  • Not Me

    #19 #20 I see what you did there!

  • Hope

    I do not know or understand how someone can judge a person by simply viewing a picture of them. It is unfortunate that bad comments appear on the Internet because Life should be enjoyed, it is too short for hating. #2=swag😀

    • No no no

      Life is the longest thing you will ever do. you..are also a douche. seriously..'swag' double the douche

      • Hope

        Time goes by fast when having fun:-) swag and yolo! I will be a proud douche because you know me so well lol

    • Heather

      Swag= secretly we are gay

      • Hope

        Gay always contains a positive connotation, in my book:-) Way too many are drunk off the hateraid. Pour it up! Wouldn't that same " freedom" include his right to free speech? I have known plenty of criminals and criminal activities that occur within the military. I served, too, and I have known heroes and criminals in all branches and ranks. There are brigs on base for a reason. 20 years proudly served and I did not join on a criminal or any other waiver, as some do.

    • Heather

      The guy in the picture is the one hating on the marines look a little closer and you will see. A red circle and cross through the words semper fi yeah it's unfortunate people only see what they want to see.

      • Hope

        I did not notice that because it was unmentioned. Some military fly confederate flags and have swastika tattoos but people don't look that close, either. I have seen plenty.

  • socalmarti

    #46 My daughter and I handed out snickers and dollars to the homeless people on Valentines and this was the post that inspired me to do it! Thank You!❤

    • Hope

      That makes me:-)

  • Bee

    #3 I feel violated.

    • emm

      i have the weirdest lady boner right now…

  • Kelly

    #34 is my fabulous husband! So lucky to have him!

    • hardrockhomemaker

      A perfect example of how being romantic and sweet doesn't have to cost a single dollar. This made me smile!

  • Hayley

    #1 is from Estonia! They take chillaxing to the next level. Go Estonia!

  • Castiel

    #4 wonder how long that took
    #26 love the pandemonium that's going on there
    #52 HAHAHAHA!

  • samanthakjordan

    What happened to the "Next" Button?! I haven't seen them on any post the last 2 days😦

  • Smurfy

    #26 I wish they'd stop calling this the Harlem Shake. Give it a new name! #58 I don't take 2.5 hrs to get ready, lots of girls don't.:/

    #41 Is this how oreos are made?

  • Smurfy

    Oops meant #59 Not #58, that one is awesome

  • thaomeow

    #5 So I'm curious to know what you ladies think of men piercing their nipples. I mean, I don't want to start a fight or anything but I just want to know what the general opinion is, lol. I just think it looks weird.:/

    • KJH

      I agree, I think it looks weird. I think it's looks weird on girls too though so…

    • Tucker

      It creeps me out in the way that when you see someone fall on asphalt and you remember how you did that as a kid, how much it hurt., and then your own palms feel itchy. My nipples cringe when I see that.

    • Michele

      I'm neutral about it on men as long as they don't put the curved ones in. Horizontal bars are the only ones I like. He is cute & they seem to match his style, so for him it's fine!
      I have mine done so I can't really hate on them.

  • mama merce

    #55 What a romantic story. That man was truely in love and knew how to show it. You are one deserving woman.

  • bjk

    33 and 43 … MOAR!!!!

  • cloey

    Wow rmbrandon… jealous much?. Or? . Confused … .. anyway intellectualy I can't say.. but #2 has it goin on…. yea def!

    • Keith

      It's because of his Semper Fi sticker with the red circle and line through it. That's why it would be fun to see him meet a Marine in an alley.

  • Dreamcatcher

    #55 how sweet!

  • ash

    jeebus berry, were you drunk when you put these up? #2 really? #5 looks like a scrawny, weak 15 year old kid with a crappy tattoo. yikes

  • Ashley

    #56 and #61! yes yes amazing!

  • ally

    #8 is an early , equally ugly version of crocs – spitting in the face of style. And may i say well played to the genius prankster responsible for #44!

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