• Bob


    • Not Me

      Take that to the Chive please.

      • Bob

        Bob does what Bob wants.

        • Another Bob

          I am gonna use that quote every time my girlfriend tells me off!!

  • Lindz

    Yay bob

  • rgh

    #13 recipe?

  • Hope

    No one should make their body size make them feel less of a person. I heard it described as "same ingredients, different package" and that is important to remember. I read a comment of Jessica Simpson that said, "I miss skinny Jessica". Same Jessica, different size. On a side note: Jessica has built an empire and that is what I admire most about Jessica Simpson.

    • http://twitter.com/Izzie_x @Izzie_x

      I have to disagree with the quote 'same ingredients, different packages' I have witnessed so many people loose a lot of weight and they were a whole new person. Their personality was not the same. Many of them thought they were better than others. Other people I know gained weight and then they started not caring about how they like.

    • Jen

      if jessica is OK with her body that way, then good for her. but she was fucking hot when she was skinny. it makes me think that if she let herself get that way, she gave up. however, i do understand that she probably had been on a strict diet and workout regimen for a long time and probably just doesnt give a shit anymore.

  • justme

    #7 congrats!!! keep up the good work!

  • Emily

    #14 destroyed me! Oh my word, I laughed so hard!

  • Seldi84

    #24. I'm going to print that out.

  • LowCal

    But you're a runner NOW #7. Nice work!

  • advnturetime101

    #22 I absolutely love this girl! She's such an awesome role model, especially for her generation!

  • AmWow

    L<3ve the first one! So true! When I start to slow down I play Katy Perry's Part of me and it always gets me to the finish line!!! Keep it up girl @#7 XO

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  • Ari214

    #7 Good for you! That's great!
    #14 cracked me up.

  • Leash

    #7 your time was better than mine on my forts 5k. Way to go! Keep it up.:p

  • caitlin

    #16 good job keep going!:)

  • Eli

    #1 Not if you listen to dream theater and their songs last fifteen minutes you don't

    • afewlittletrysts

      it's too funny that I just finished running to the count of tuscany!

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