• Casey

    #18 shout out to denham springs! Hell yeah!

  • Casey

    #18 shout out to denham springs!! Hell yeah!!

  • Seldi84

    #7 To look good naked.

  • socalmarti

    #7 I'm a MILF, yep, yep!!!😀

  • Flarp

    Hmm….not sure I agree, Berry…..because isn't that Paris Hilton…?

    • Ari214

      I think maybe it's Stacy Keibler? Never mind.. just Googled. Some girl named Lauryn Evarts.

    • justlilolme

      she runs theskinnyconfidential.com a good site for tips,recipes and motivation…gawd I sound like a promo lol..but seriously it's a cool site.

  • PrettyPuppy

    #12 #14 I'm a little bit in love with Jennifer Carpenter, not gonna lie.

    • PrettyPuppy

      Oops. I meant #12 #24.:)

      • BlueSailor

        I don't think #24 is Jennifer Carpenter. I mean, it could be, looks a lot like her, but I watch Dexter and her thighs are not that muscular. I do love her, she's gorgeous and she delivers the best curse lines on tv.

        • Katie

          Isn't #24 Hope Solo the US Women's soccer goalie?

  • AmWow

    @21 10, 20 and 50s… get it! xo

  • Charl

    #13 Tabata rocks, but this isn't the "right" way, though. One exercise 20 secs going hard, 10 secs break, repeat 8 times. Rest ~45 secs, (drink water!!,) next exercise…
    Can be done with all kinds of exercise, doesn't need much space and pays off awesomely. Loving it!:)

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