• Crush

    Where is #10…..

    Glad to see The Berry is also working on Presidents day…..god I hate Mondays, even more so when I know a lot of people are off.

    • Not Me

      I know it is a wimpy Monday holiday and I am sure that I will still drive to the bank and pull on the front door handle.

    • Mike Larson

      you guys work from office today or working from home?<img src="http://long.apparelbookstore.info/time.jpg"/&gt;

  • Janina

    can someone PLEASE explain this Bill Murray obsession? I just don't get it!!!

    • AprilShowers

      He's awesome. That is all.

      • Johnny

        brutal answer.

    • Crush

      I agree, I like him but i don't get it either. Sorta like the Chuck Norris thing I guess..

      • Chaapai

        Except Bill has talent; is a national treasure.

  • AprilShowers

    #5 Makes me😀 I watched it over and over.

  • Jules

    #7 Where's xzibit?

  • bamboo

    #6 but why has the rum gone?

  • Jessica

    #5 thank you!

  • Emily

    #5 loved this!!! Thank you Berry!

  • katastrophe89

    #2 this is where I want to live. Right there.

  • Seldi84

    #7 that's so meta the Internet might crack

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