• Gina

    #5 just makes me think, wtf is his left hand doing?!? He's holding the glove in his right hand, so his left is bare…

  • socalmarti

    #6 and #16 I think this qualifies as disturbing as watching your parents do it ..ewww! Must bleach eyes now!

  • Amanda

    #13 is how I feel when someone parks RIGHT NEXT TO ME when the parking lot has a handful of cars. Can't imagine how guys feel when this happens.

    • boop

      Haha yeah… Reminds me of when my family first went abroad for a holiday, we drove around and found a really nice at least a mile or two long secluded beach. We picked a spot and got on with various beach activities but within half an hour a foriegn family arrived and sat down right next to us, wth?!

  • cookie

    #13 is an excellent example to how i feel when im on the train and the wagon is completely empty and someone just decides to sit so close to me that they squish me. these guys have to feel so much worst though.

  • Juliet

    Is that Gordo at the end?

  • Castiel

    #16 they played this commercial and although I wasn't watching it, I heard it and immediately had to barf.

  • Jessica

    #20 itsn't this a quote from "Just Friends", one of the best movies of all time?:)

    • Savannah

      Yes!😀 I was trying to figure out where it's from. Great movie.

  • Me.

    #10 Love Damon's expression.

  • inga

    #6 he keeps gaining weight and she keeps getting slimmer. Oh, that and he looks like her pimp…both those things = weird/awkward

  • kait

    #6 is just wrong… and pathetic… Obviously they are getting all this attention but for the wrong reasons.. She needs a reality check… I get dressing sexy and all but flaunting your tummy and with those boots.. Tacky!!

  • Sarah

    #6 – Whooooo… are these people?

  • Hello

    #14 That's not awkward, that's just plain sexy.

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