Berries, we love your honest #1 wishes! (62 photos)

Hey all!
Earlier today we asked if Berries had one wish what would it be. Thanks for the overwhelming response!

BERRY love,
Megan & Alex

  • Astry

    Thank you for posting this up! Made my dads day:)

  • dkellyb

    #9 same here!

    • Rawr

      Seriously. It's depressing. Good luck to all you fellow job hunters!

  • DeeJay

    #59 You can run away to it =), you apply to be a worker for the summer, and if you want you can apply for winter work too. I’ve done it, and I met the love of my life while I was stationed at Mnt. Rushmore!

  • _Bryan_

    With the Berry being by everyone's side, your wishes will always be achievable.
    #37. Not sure why, wish that was referring to me.

  • Tiffany

    My wish would be to have my fiance back, I wish he would have came back from Afghanistan </3 I would give anything to have him in my arms again.

  • ColoradoGirl13

    I left NE ohio 7 years ago…. I promise Ohio will always be there and will not change!

  • Erica

    #32 you should adopt. Plenty of children out there already whose one wish is parents like y'all to love them! (No hostility just a suggestion)

    • mrshelderman

      Until you struggle every day with trying to become a mother you wouldn't understand. It's just not that simple. (no hostility here either, I just know her pain!)

      • Carolina

        I have struggled with this and I feel her pain. My husband and I have also looked into adoption. Adoption is not for everyone. It is stressful and costly. And, to be honest, it is sad. Especially when you would do anything to have a baby and for your kids…and then you see so many children who need that! It breaks my heart that I can't take and love them all!!

        • mrshelderman

          Adoption is great, and if you ask most women trying to conceive they will tell you that they would love to have one of their own, and adopt. But missing out on being pregnant, and having a child of your own flesh and blood is a pretty hard thing to deal with. Sooooo good luck #32. I'm right there with you this month.

    • guest

      I pray that you get the wonderful news you've been waiting for!

    • Tater823

      Thank you Erica and everyone else for the kind word and suggestions.:)

  • VC98

    #35 pray for this every night

  • anditisLiz

    #43 is totally me right now :'-(

    • Ally

      I'm glad I'm not the only one:) thanks

      • anditisLiz

        It happens to the best of us! Hang in there though, it gets better:)

  • waitingfordeluxe

    This is one of the BEST POSTS EVER! Awesome!:)

  • Hoping

    #20 isn't mine but I have HD. Anything to raise awareness and find a cure!

  • tangeria

    #25 me too.

  • jen

    #23 looks like maxnosleeves and jenna marbles lolol

    • Ileen

      yee! lol saw that too, but they r cutest ^_^

    • bryan

      i just wish this person knew how to use commas properly

  • BP

    #51, right there with you. We've been together 8 years.

    • Rawr

      ….may will be 10 for us.

    • doerteee

      You could propose, too :O

      For my boyfriend of…6 years and me, it would be so awkward to have him propose because we already know we want to get married when the time is right. So there really is no reason for him to ask. And I told him I don't want an expensive ring…
      The only reason for us to actually get engaged before marrying would be for our families, to make it official for them.

  • Julie

    These are all beautiful!!!

  • Carina

    #41 I hear ya, buddy. Just focus on yourself and the right person will come along. There is power in positive thinking.

  • reneU

    I feel you on #62 I've been type 1 for 23 years and my lil boy just got it at 7 almost 2 years back.

    • WTF

      #62 I have that same wish…have been type 1 for 27 years…my other wish would be that my daughters never get it.

  • SilenzZzz

    i am at the point that i think my wishes of what might have been or what i would hope for again one day is truly what keeps me held back. but i am to afraid to let go of the memories they are attached to and just try.

    • anditisLiz

      The regret of not trying will kill you more in the long run! Take a chance, it might surprise you!! Letting go might just open your easy to bigger and better things:)

      • SilenzZzz

        the regret of not trying has already started to set in as well… some of it is tied to relatives that have passed away, seems like my life has just been frozen in place since then … and that was close to 3 years ago… the rest of them are tied to someone i love, but it is killing both of us with what they choose to do with their life.

        • anditisLiz

          Well regarding your relatives that passed away, I'm sorry for you loss but try and not dwell on things that weren't done and on the things you can't change. Instead focus on the good memories. I know I don't know your full situation but you shouldn't focus on the things in your past since you can't go back in time, what counts more is how you move forward! Regarding the people you love who aren't making the best decisions, sometimes it takes people the hard way to learn and that's ok, it will hopefully make them a better person. Don't base your happiness on any one else, be selfish! Make your self happy first and everything will fall into place…

  • 4mommabear

    This was amazing and heartbreaking!! I love that you guys did this!❤

  • jennyylee

    Wow mine made it… #1 too. Seeing mine and everyone else's on here is touching. I love this post. Thank you!

  • Amanda

    #50 this is all I want to. No matter what i try. Nothing works so far.

    • Schmee

      Well at least it's somewhat comforting to know we're not the only ones who feel this way!

    • hazel

      I went through that for a long time. I just wanted to find what i needed to make me happy and it didn't exist it seemed. I was just focusing on the wrong things its turns out. I found my happiness in my sisters and my baby nephew. And i stopped looking for a boyfriend and I'm finally really happy

  • Amanda

    #55 so excited to see my picture on here!! This was an awesome post:)

    • mrshelderman

      Such a cute picture!

  • Surfaz

    #45 You can, but you just may need to seek help. It sometimes is the only way with OCD. Release yourself from your prison, it feels great on the other side. But you have to know you may always slip back into it and you have to always be ready to get help. You are stronger than it. You will be happy, I promise.

  • alex

    I wish I could afford to start building an earthship.

    Also #25 !

  • lemon

    #9 #14 #48 #61

    :)) hugs!

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