• mid13

    #20 I love this! I feel like it's a big problem when people, especially kids, are bored. My sister got a job as a lifeguard last summer, and simply standing around and not being on the couch eating all day made her lose 20 lbs without any exercise. I eat when I'm bored too, but only if I've deserved it.

    • Jen

      its true, and we associate food with emotions and events. i feel like we need to be taught that you are what you eat!

    • kate

      sometimes food should be enjoyed though. total deprivation isn't great either…

      • doerteee

        enjoying your food is not the same thing as eating out of boredom, though

    • Katie

      I HATE how it's presented, with a picture of two real women behind such an aggressive message. It's not motivation, it's fat shaming. We can build each other up without tearing other women down, and Berry editors should have known better than to include it.

      • just j

        Those women are clearly unhealthy. Look at where their fat sits. Fat around the middle is the most dangerous. Yes the message is aggressive but it makes a point.

  • LowCal

    Don't listen to the naysayers, #16. Good luck in the triathlon!

    • 16inchzipper

      So. Explain the hat comment to me? Was it a dig?

      • Just me

        I was taking it as so people wouldn't recognize him…

  • Not Me

    #4 The only thing that I like about these is finishing them.

  • nicki

    #16—As a triathlete myself–you are a superstar!!!! go rock it out!!!

  • blueberrypancakes

    #5 so simple and obvious yet so easy to forget!

  • katie

    awesome daily motivation today!

  • Gloria

    Today's was a goood one!

  • Breezy

    #20 so is this a random photo of people we've decided it's okay to shame? or is this a submission of someone's own picture?

    • pooma9oo

      Great question.

      The problem I see with this, is that all day every day the berry is posting pictures and recipes of delicious food. Clearly food is made to both be enjoyed and nourishment. It's the same argument as sex, it's not primarily for reproduction, but enjoyment too.
      Otherwise, we wouldn't have taste buds and women wouldn't orgasm.

  • leigh

    i thought 30 minutes was more than 2% of my day?

    • sure

      .5 hours/24 hours=.02083 or 2.083%so technically yest it is more than 2%, but not much more

  • QueenBoudica

    #8 has been me my whole life! When I was super skinny, normal sized or fat, I ALWAYS have *Thunder Thighs* and will never have *The Gap* so many women strive for.

    Personally, I'll keep my thunder thighs as they have always been strong and ass kickin'!

    • Moe


      • CO420247

        Thunder thighs are sexy!

  • Jessica

    #21 Perfect form and everything I strive for.

    • Actually

      She should be going lower

    • michaeler

      Ok where did this gif come from??? who is this girl???

  • JustTrollin

    #22 has been working out too much which is too bad, 'cuz she has a cute face…

    • http://twitter.com/sarafinaaaa @sarafinaaaa

      you're an idiot she looks beautiful

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #21 want!

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    #21 I'm motivated

  • Penis Wrinkle

    I could watch that for days, she is hot.

  • Bob

    #4 my kinda woman

  • jade

    30 mins is actually 2.6% which is closer to 3% of your day.all bets are off ,now i'm getting a big fucking cake and inhaling it.

    • Fred Flintstone


    • http://twitter.com/sarafinaaaa @sarafinaaaa

      where did u learn math? .5/24=0.0208

  • sparkleamato

    Is that an avocado in #17?? And #10 kicks ass!! or bag. . lol

  • 8ladylucy8

    #16, Way to kick ass! Keep it up!!

  • Guest



    • sven

      I bet his left leg sure gets tired from all that hopping……..

  • jmn

    #14 is absolutely NOT a perk. So pardon me while I go park myself on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's

    • Hardbody

      Fat people aren't funny

      • jmn

        I never said fat people were funny. What I said was being on the receiving end of increased attention from men/women is not motivation. Implied in that is that it's not motivating for me. I do not enjoy people staring or leering at me. I do not enjoy creepy dudes undressing me with their eyes and not trying to hide it. And I especially do not like being approached & hit on by men who, prior to my losing weight, would've called me fatty to my face.

  • ColorBlindGuy


    No rep…No rep…No rep…geez just stop…

    • ColorBlindGuy



  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 – shit that looks good.

  • M300

    Motivation to help me hate myself that much more…

  • Alex

    25 looks like a Hispanic Steve Carrell

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