• Katie

    #38 I've decided it's a happy face! Found out my husband made it to the next round of interviews for a job he's applied for! Send me some good vibes and prayers, Berries! We need it!!:)

    • guest

      berry love

    • Guest

      Good Luck to your husband! Just finding a job now a days is a challenge. Sending Berry love your way!

  • Rosie

    #23 Hahhaaahhaaahahhahaha

    • mrshelderman

      It is pronounced that way in my life now!!!!

  • K-mart

    #39 Is my fukking life in a cartoon..

  • xoxo

    #9 That's so awesome, esp in unison.

  • mrshelderman

    I saw a painting just like #19 in the Modern Museum of Art. I facepalmed for about 3 minutes.

  • bamboo

    #4 as someone who has lived in WI all her life, i must say that if the wind chill was in fact -20 you would be more covered up than that (and the guy in the background would have gloves on).

    • june

      Apparently you dont ski much or enjoy winter sports.

      I can assure you it was that cold here the past few days and obviously it was even colder at the top of our highest peak.

    • Corey

      This handsome man happens to be me. I can definitely assure you it was that cold. 2 degrees with a -20 degree wind chill. Four runs and done for the day

  • Ronn!e

    #17 wow! The nerd in me loves this❤

    • ocean

      the nerd in me says, "wow, that ink is a carcinogen."

  • Puddin

    #36 bwaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa. Oh,hell that's a good one. I can't stand this chick!!!

    • Silverfire

      My sentiments exactly!!

  • http://twitter.com/MissyWere @MissyWere


  • Jennifer

    #4 -20? Meh, we hit -49 F this morning in good old Manitoba😉

    • Corey

      Thank God I was only in Vermont and not Manitoba! -20 was rough enough

    • Lolo

      We hit -40 CELSIUS here in good old Saskatchewan! LOL

  • friedapaula

    #12 DFTBA!

  • not an idiot

    There is no Stowe Mountain in Vermont. It is Mount Mansfield IN Stowe, VT.

    • Corey

      http://www.stowe.com/ The Mountain's website says otherwise… Stowe Mountain Resort

      • still not an idiot

        Yeah it is Stowe Mountain Resort. STOWE as in the town. MOUNTAIN as it is A mountain. RESORT as in great way to waste money.

        NOWHERE on that website does it say the name of the mountain is STOWE. Want to know why? Because it is MOUNT MANSFIELD.

        It is Stowe…. Mountain Resort. NOT Stowe Mountain… Resort. I am not wrong. I have lived here for! 16 years.


        • Corey

          I get that the actual geographic landmark is called Mount Mansfield but when someone asks where I went boarding I won't say Mount Mansfield because most of the world doesn't know what that is… More people would recognize the area as Stowe Mountain or Stowe Mountain Resort. I'm not trying to pick a fight. I loved the town of Stowe and had a great time there this past weekend.

          • Sarah

            People seem to be hating on you, Corey. I say way to go. -20 or 20, Stowe Mountain or Mount Mansfield, I still won't be skiing, so you're three steps ahead of me! Stay awesome, stay sexy, and KCCO!!

          • mrshelderman

            I don't care if you said it was -700 degrees and you were on candy land mountain. Thanks for sharing that handsome mug with us!

            • pea123

              Some people are seriously just trolling and here to hate on people! No one cares! Corey, good on ya! I'm a Canadian girl and we're out boarding in the rockies all the time, I prefer not to go when it's too cold though, so you're a trooper:)
              Friggen haters!

  • Bob

    #29 Rude.

  • http://www.discovertravellive.com Hannah

    #18 shipception

  • Kmhogan82

    #4 Why is everyone bring such a douche?!? He's hot. He has beer. Nuff said.

    • Randolph4you

      Being….not bring…I actually don't like bringing douches.

    • MHLMberry

      Agreed!! He is niiiice!! ; )
      Fuck the spelling mistake I got your point

      • anon

        ^^ Word.:)

  • Kmhogan82

    I give up. I meant #4 not 40. And the spelling typo. Have mercy.

  • Alice

    #39 anyone know where this comics come from? There was another one like this posted a few days ago (either on the Chive or Berry, can't remember which) but they look and describe my boyfriend perfectly and I want to find more…

    • morgan

      books of adam

  • Sarah

    #7 – My exact face every time I cook.

  • Jen

    #40 ewwwww. Berry sometimes your taste in men is disgusting.

    • alex

      You're crazy Eddie Redmayne is gorgeous, and a talented actor too!!!

  • carm

    #7 HILARIOUS! Poor Grandma… she looks stunned.

  • Mari

    #18 exercise in pronunciation

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  • Some guy

    Calling bullshit

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