• mrshelderman

    #13 has the worlds longest neck!

  • Moe

    I'll take one #15 and be on my merry way

    • Cheeky Chick

      Scott Speedman

  • Leigh

    #25 he looks like a baby here!

    PS where can you find these hot men in the wild??

  • Not Impressed

    Just because they're physically outside doesn't make them "outdoorsy". Some of the actors and athletes you threw in the mix on here would be more comfortable at a mall than out in the wilderness. You could have done so much more with this post.

  • heatharrgh

    There are some great outdoorsy David Gandy photos out there that would have fit. Also, I recommend Simon Nessman. How about a gallery?

  • cait

    I'll take a #9, #15, and #22 please(:

  • xoxo

    #19 looks like if Tom Hardy and Ewan McGreggor had a love child.

  • Hannahb

    Thanks for this post ladies!
    Outdoorsy men make my knees weak, so this was lovely.
    Ahem… Sup number 22?

  • ColoradoGirl13

    Ummm not sure that LeBron James standing in the water counts as outdoorsy

    • MountaineerGirl

      Couldn't agree more. Pretty effin' stupid.

  • Lyta


    Good god do I love outdoorsy men!

  • 8ladylucy8

    Just because some of the pictures were taken outside, that doesn't make them "outdoorsy men."

    • GrandeMamma

      Yeah, this post is pretty ridiculous.

  • Siobhan

    I'll take #18 to go thanks:)

  • Robin

    #9 #13 #17 studs

  • Keith

    #11 is cute. Someone famous?

    • Mon

      Dave Annabel, Brothers & Sisters

      • Mon


  • Drkstr

    #28 More please.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bridgebarn bridgebarn

    Oh, these are my kinda men. I'd rather go rock climbing on a date than dinner and a movie:)

  • Kim

    Wait…a guy in khakis and a button down is considered "outdoorsy"? Just because they're outside doesn't mean anything! Slightly disappointed, I was expecting more beards and flannel…

  • Alyssa

    Who is #28? He's yummy…

  • rocklesson86

    Very sexy outdoorsy men.

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