K. Stew topped the ‘least sexy’ poll by British men (11 photos)


Click HERE to see Kristen Stewart and her many hairstyles.

  • Kathlene

    This is sad and disappointing. Berry, why are you posting this? Don't you have more respect for women than that????

    • Crush

      Why does this make theBerry have no respect for women? they didn't make the list….and most of us are glad they shared it.

  • http://twitter.com/cheriejamison @cheriejamison

    I think Kristen Stewart is gorgeous. I get that Twilight is a shitty series, but I think she gets way too much hate.

    I wouldn't call any of these women ugly, really (well, maybe Sarah Jessica Parker if I'm being honest), but I can see where they might be some of the least pretty of the pretty people.

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