That puppet totally looks like you (19 photos)

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  • @heidenserin

    #18 is Falkor, not Atreyu. I loved the "Neverending Story" sooo much as a child!

  • AV Club

    #18 is actually Falkor, not Atreyu

  • Sarah

    I do not see #2. At all.

  • Laura L

    um, #14 is not Josh Groban, at all. It's Jorge Garcia

    • Coribeth

      And the dog is name Rolf not Alf.

  • DrOfPsych

    Wow Berry. I certainly hope you aren't associating #8 and #16 with Ms Piggy due to their current size

    If so, shame on you. That was in poor taste.

    • Anon

      Wouldn't put it past any of the ppl associated with the chive… but would be surprised to see it on the berry. I'm all for encouraging healthy lifestyles, but people have to realize that healthy comes in various shapes and sizes as well.

      • DrOfPsych

        Exactly. I would hope the women that run The Berry realize that their reader base is comprised of women (and men) of all sizes and ethnicities. If they keep insulting the readers that do not fit their seemingly biased cookie cutter mold, they will surely lose them.

        • Tracie

          Actually I was thinking it was because Miss Piggy is a blonde bombshell and so are they-famous for being blonde and ultra-girly/glamorous. Maybe be a little less sensitive?

          • DrOfPsych

            Did you read my original post?? I said "I hope". In the past, the Berry has utilized both celebs' weight gains in posts. Hence, I made a deduction based upon past posts.
            As for using Ms Piggy, pretty sure there are other puppets that could have been used for "glamour". Or hey….how about not comparing them to a puppet stereo-typed for her overweight image??

            • karen.g.

              If you didn't mean what you were implying (that the berry is fat-shaming them), then why did you say anything at all, except to stir up drama? She's right, you are sensitive – by the way, the berry has a ton of snarky posts about celebrity plastic surgery, photoshopping gone awry, and people doing stupid stuff – if you can't take a little snark now and then maybe you should stick to looking at the puppy posts?

              • DrOfPsych

                And you two are calling ME sensitive?? Now that's a laugh. Wow. This escalated rather quickly

              • DrOfPsych

                And you two are calling ME sensitive?? Now that's a laugh. Wow. This escalated rather quickly

              • DumbHaters

                Where the hell did you read this person was not implying they were fat shaming?! This individual said that they hoped the berry was not. God you are a dumbass! Talk about stirring up drama! STFU if you have no idea wtf you are talking about. Troll

          • DrOfPsych

            Let me add that as a psychiatrist, I find any site that seems to glorify one image of "health" or "fitness" absurd. A person does not have to be rail thin or have six pack abs to be healthy. I know plenty of people who are slightly over the ideal weight for their gender/height/bone structure and are extremely "fit"–either by body fat standards OR physical fitness ability. Many examples at my gym to name a few. One can be overweight/over fat and have excellent blood panels, etc
            Fitness isn't solely defined by what size you wear or your measurements.

            • Ladyloki

              All of you need to just shut up. -_-

  • 123

    Why do i get in trouble when i call Leanne Rymes Falcor, but you guys don't. Unfair.

  • Sisi

    LOL I love this!
    btw #11 is RED from Fraggle Rock!

  • jillymcbean

    #18 I somehow find this upsetting. Maybe because I've always wanted to go on an adventure with Falkor, but now am haunted by the image of LeeAnn Rimes flying down from the clouds to whisk me away. Not as thrilling😦

  • socalmarti

    What would've been better? GIFs of the puppets with the celebrity faces on them… Anyway all celebrity women are startin to look like Janice; Donatella Versace and Suzanne Summers just to name a few. I think that's really the picture plastic surgeons have in their offices, Janice.

  • dkellyb

    #5 because she wore a yellow coat…?

    • Seldi84

      I thought the same thing

  • Maya Blake

    This was so totally insulting for all of the puppets involved.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #13 #14. I can see it

  • Carpet

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