• Jennifer

    Random motivation. I worked out for an entire year to look incredible in a Halloween costume. I won "Sexiest costume" at a party.

    • Katie

      Too funny! I was just talking to my husband about this exact thing last night! I told him we should try to win "Sexiest Couple" as go as Superman and Wonderwoman!😉

    • anditisLiz

      That's to cute and funny! I'm glad it paid off in the end though, I bet you had those most amazing feeling of satisfaction!!:)

  • Bob

    This really motivated me. I'll exercise tomorrow.

  • wigglepants

    Berry, I really love that you post this everyday!! It really motivates me, I do not always comment but I ALWAYS appreciate it!

  • YoKelsi

    #25 Yes please.. lost my breath for a second there!

  • mrshelderman

    I just did #16 at my desk, and it feels like heaven!

  • AprilShowers

    #1 I read this "Sweat and scarface" at first. I was very intrigued.

  • Sarah

    #9 – These are brutal.

    • anditisLiz

      Yes, my legs are shaking just watching it! -_-

  • Sweaty pants

    #12 I know she is skinny but that white thing behind her makes her look really "fluffy" and by fluffy I mean fat.

  • QueenBoudica

    #20 AWWW YEAH! Hoping to be able to do this on the FLOOR in the near future, never mind the damn table!


    • Mississauga Chiver

      Well, that's almost a push up.

      Definitely perfect this sort of thing on the ground before taking it to the table…for reasons unknown.

  • alex

    #14 This is a little misleading- you also DO need to work out to get a flat stomach. Maybe not crunches, but yoga works wonders for me.

  • Melanie

    I love you Daily Motivation!

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