• DumbHaters

    Walmart. Where the welfare plague of society shops.

    • tracii

      I chop there because they are non union.

      • tracii

        Yeah that's right i said chop

      • Tomb_Raider

        Or do you mean non onion? Heh.

  • Amanda

    The nearest Wal-Mart is so boring compared to these! All we have are the usual pj pants and t-shirts shoppers.

  • Sue

    #2 Uhhh…. #6 That's a little freaky. #8 For those outerspace trips: the galaxy bra! #9 Disrespect to Shaolin monks everwhere😦 #10 So many bad things I want to say about the woman and the kids, better to keep my mouth shut! Can anyone say it for me!? #14 So wrong on so many levels… "I'm Batman bitch!!" #17 The same is true for the Safeway grocery store in my town, only it's more like 2 open lanes. #21 Try before you buy? #25 Gross! #30 LMAO!

  • socalmarti

    #9 Awww… why are you guys being mean to the Buddhist monk? Namaste.

  • bamboo

    #21 yikes… great parenting there

  • Alpha

    No lie I got #20 as a Christmas gift from a co-worker

    • http://www.youravon.com/kmatrow Kmatrow

      Is it bad that I have the fish one for my kids' bathroom that is decorated with marine wildlife?

  • Anon

    pretty sure #2 is known as the "hello kitty girl" at winona state AND she's been on the chive before under "WTF" or something like that. sad.

  • Blerdette

    Aw, you guys are cold. # 28 through #30 are awesome, and who DOESN'T want galaxy boobs? I'd buy #8 in a second and feel like the coolest person ever. lol

  • Ronn!e

    #30 lmao!!!

  • Wally

    Fuck you all. I love Wal-Mart.

  • WallyWorld...

    Where slave labor from China combined with slave labor in the US makes a few people very rich and the rest of us a little worse off. Keep making fun of the people that shop there they deserve it!

    • tracii

      you shop there too, don't try to pass yourself off as an elite tree hugger.

    • mrshelderman

      Do a little research person. 1.3 million people are employed by walmart in this country. Yes their people don't make the big bucks, but tell me one other place an unskilled unqualified person is going to go and get a job in this economy. People like you give liberals a bad name.

  • Anon

    I love my Bud slippers! Very comfy.

  • Katie

    I see "our monks" at Walmart occasionally. Really nice guys. I call them ours as they live down the street from us. They need groceries and toilet paper, just like everyone else.

  • Katie

    Also, if you want to see real winners? Check out people of the px. They make walmartians look tame.

  • Mari

    #28 That's actually cool!

  • Mer

    #17 I actually used to work at Walmart. They don't do it on purpose, they just can't get enough people hired to have them all open. It sucked ass working there. One customer, a fully functional adult woman, dumped sprite all over me and laughed.

  • hpuem

    I think I would wear #29

  • Rvb

    I love the bra..

  • smitey

    Did you know that the hiring package for a new employee at Wal Mart in California includes a Welfare package? It's sad that people can't make a living wage. Wal Mart keeps their employees below the poverty line, and sweat shops in business. Nobody should shop there.

  • Lorna

    My SIL makes $14 an hour at her Walmart. But they only give her 20 hrs a week. They cut her hours in half when they raised her pay.

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