• Susan

    Wow! I am surprised you actually have short and medium length styles in here. Usually it is only the same long styles over and over. Nice gallery today.

    • Moe

      from a short-haired girl, I agree!!

  • Crush

    "Your hair is like really pretty…"

    Hahahaha….girls are hilarious.

  • FLChiver

    This post should be on the Chive. These women are beautiful.

  • Sue

    #4 how does ANY of that look good? Love the rest, beautiful:)

    • Becca G

      I want to give her a deep conditioning treatmeant and some argan oil and then her hair would be "like really pretty…"

    • Katie

      I like it. You just dont get it.

      • Sue

        Oh I get it. I get that I don't like it.:) To each their own.

  • sixdeadelves

    i'm a little behind. what happened to the next button?

    • pea123

      it's gone missing! lol

  • Lana

    Yaaay! So happy to see some short haired girls in here!😀

  • Moe

    YES! #28 is exactly where mine is at right now. Nice to know it's not as awkward as I think it is!

  • Amy

    gosh, I just love #21

  • Ashli

    Thanks for listening! Great to see some short hair and ethnic hair up here!

  • kirinjirafa

    #26 i like the hair and the dress

  • Claudia

    Yeah, not sure how #4 made this post!?!

  • Claudia

    Wonder if the dress on #26 will make me look skinny?

  • Karen

    #4 = no.

    • Syleste

      The color is beautiful…. as for the friz… its whats popular (dont get me wrong I do not get the frizzy look either but the color is gorgeous as is 18.. I love how bold they are.

  • justlilolme

    Maybe you should ask these chicks where they get their hair extension clip ons…

  • Hillary

    a lot of really nice wigs and extensions

  • ssoph

    #19 urgh… silvie van der vaart is SO annoying!

  • Lynne

    #10 looks just like Ellen!

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