• bkibbs

    What's the source on the shoes in #2 ?

    And I see we finally made it through without a pic of salmon pants!

  • ThigWife

    #18 #24 #25….yes

    • DRD

      #18 is all kinds of wrong

  • Sue

    #16 LOVE those shoes for guys!:) #27 But I only like bowties when it's with a tux:)

    • TommyB

      Please think outside the tux …the RIGHT bow tie with the right shirt, sweater, or blazer looks pretty cool. I get compliments ALL THE TIME every time I wear one.

      • Sue

        It looks good on the right guys. My husband is not a bowtie kind of man. It's personal taste.:)

  • http://www.sannuk.blogspot.com Sandra

    #25 If he was my boyfriend, I'd wish he wouldn't wear anything

  • mrshelderman

    I spy with my little eye, Salmon shoes, salmon shirt and salmon pants! #2, #3, #15

  • dkellyb

    #11 now that leaves little mystery…

  • Anomanom

    #1 You want your boyfriend to cosplay the Doctor? Kinky.

  • Just Sayin'

    #28 AAHHHHH! Man thigh! A little warning please!

    • lol

      Man thigh doesn't usually give dudes wood…just sayin'

  • dollybakerton

    every time i think, maybe once Alex won't post ridiculous outfits… every time, i am disappointed.
    #11 was alright… remove that tie & belt buckle and button down a bit

  • DTAB

    #8 Somebody tell this guy the proper length for a tie (hint, that's too short!)

    • DRD

      You see the same thing with pant length & sleeve length. Apparently the fashionable thing is to look like you outgrew all your clothes.

  • Lisa

    Love hott tattoos on a man;)

  • kellibaby


    • Chris

      Classic British shoe, named Brogues. Pronounced the same as the Pogues.

      Real ones are expensive, as their reputation for not wearing out is legendary, polish them, look after them, and they really will last a lifetime.

    • Eldridge Cleaver

      Those are Allen Edmonds in their walnut color. From top to bottom: Daltons, Strands (which are identical to a pair I have) and McAllister. Made in America, and a great first pair of "big boy" shoes for guys trying step up their shoe game without breaking the bank.

  • DRD

    I can't wait for this whole ridiculous rolling up of pants to be over. But even rolling up a jacket's sleeves? Seriously? #14 Also, if it pulls instead of lying flat when you button it, it's too small. Don't let the hipsters convince you otherwise.

    • Casey

      Bitching on the internet is a waste of time. Don't let this fat chick tell you otherwise.

  • Some guy

    I wear what's comfortable.
    Unfortunately, I don't have the wallet to marry that with fashion.
    #18, is there a flood in your area?

  • Tay

    so, the entirety of GQ? I find nothing wrong with a well dressed fashionable man. #20 is a perfect balance.

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