• nik

    Quite the view #5

    • ThigWife

      I was thinking the same thing….That and I want a cup of coffee too

    • kel

      love this.

  • Caro

    #20 I kind of wish I was that towel.

  • Ashleigh

    Oh Jesus.

  • mazzie

    #23 do you ever find yourself looking down at your monitor??? happens to me every friday. just can't ever seem to catch a glimpse- but i keep trying!

  • BanOne

    #25 and #28 Moar!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Katie_Lady23 @Katie_Lady23

      I'm pretty sure thats Josey Greenwell, I used to work with him!!

  • alexis

    yes it friday yummy #5 #8 #23#20#15#28

  • Moe

    Some gorgeous faces, but always a serious lack of chest hair😦
    On another note, anyone think #29 looks like he's posing like a Victorias Secret Angel? are there wings on his back??

    • Mon

      Also… lack of leg hair? This is not normal……

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Not everyone wants a man to look like an ape just because we supposedly evolved from them.😛 Me, I think that if a guy expects us to shave our legs, pits, and sometimes our naughty bits, he can keep his chest hair under contol too. :-9

  • dollybakerton

    what is with all the body shavers? are you all swimmers?!? armpits too?

  • Dani

    12 and 21… Sigh.

  • silverfire

    Some yummy boys here today Berry, but #8 kinda looks like hes pulling his pants down to drop a deuce! LOL

    • Michelle

      HAHA that was my exact thought

  • AnnoyedChivette

    #20 its called Manscaping #29 looks like a girl what is with that pose?

    Also.. a guy sometimes is much better looking when he doesnt look like he spends all his free time in the gym.. and most of these guys look like they KNOW they are good looking and are total douchebags

    • me2

      when I got to the word douchebag in your comment #28 came to mind.
      Sorry guy- put your tongue back in your mouth unless you mean business.

    • Amy

      agreed, 100%!

  • Feeling filthy

    #21 made me mess myself…❤

  • Melissa

    They all seem a little too boyish. Can we see some MEN???

    • xoxo


    • Keith

      Also agreed

    • rocklesson86

      To you they may not be men, but to me and others they are all man.

  • Sam



  • aaa

    #27 i need more!

  • Rosie

    #28 addoorrabblleee

  • smokyrain

    #28 moar!!!!

  • Jess

    Oh shirtless Friday how you make my Friday exciting! So good looking toned guys but yes I agree with having some more manly looking men, cowboys, welders, construction guys who know how to get their hands dirty!! These boys are too clean hahaha!

  • Candice

    #5 #15 #18 #26 …wow berry, don't know how I would get by without shirtless Fridays! I wake up thinking about it. lol

  • chivette

    helooooooooooooo #28 damn boy!😉

  • Michelle

    #6 #14 #28 sweet jesus MOARRR

  • Mani

    #1 there is something about men that smile:)

  • Beth

    #28 Definitely my fav. That smile is irresistible. Thank you, Shirtless Friday!:)

  • luluc


    such a girly pose, please stop it hehe

    • rocklesson86

      I didn't notice his pose. I was too busy look at his nekkid body.

  • Cait

    #29 made me laugh. what's with that pose?!

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