• Lindsey--shoe gal

    This was the best start to my Saturday over a bowl of quinoa with blueberries and a strong cup of coffee. I spluttered as these are all so true it makes you laugh. Especially the novelty boxers, I'm on year three of trying to reason with my husband as to why they don't elicit ooo lala.:) thank you Berry!

  • Twizzz

    a college humor article i read 2 days ago….

    • ChiChi

      half oh a college humor article you read two days ago

    • Some guy

      A college humor article you read two days ago… what?
      It did what?
      Keep going, almost a full fledged phrase!

      Boxers are really about feeling 'free' down there.
      Boxer briefs are about avoiding chaffing after a long day of whatever you do that makes you walk or run.

  • Jess


    At least Pleated Jeans gives credit where credit is due

    • pippin

      Give that credit to collegehumor.com not pleatedjeans..

  • me2

    The College Humor mark is right there in the lower right corner. I don't think the ladies were trying to take credit for the post..
    Lighten up.

  • Lisa

    They have the source at the bottom of the article. That is giving credit. It's a fairly standard method.

  • CassyBooby

    I don't want to read what men's underwear says about them, I already fucking know that. As a lady the title, "What your underwear says about you." isn't true for this article.

  • http://twitter.com/morosz3 @morosz3

    Mind = blown
    #5 my girlfriend really did buy mine and I was #3 before that!

  • Carpets

    Its actually a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • merlino

    Megan is lazy eh?
    Taking posts from buzzfeed and collegehumor and just posting them here.
    i could just take this site out all together

  • Come on......

    I think it really sucks that the only 2 female examples have reduced the girl to a sex object. A lace thing or nothing at all??? Really??

  • mikol perna

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  • Meghan

    I have a sexy wedgie!

  • mrshelderman

    #2 A wedgie is tons of material stuck up your ass being uncomfortable. A lace thong is supposed to be there.

  • xoxo

    #5 & #6 I laughed out loud at these. I live with a gay man, his undies (we share washer/dryer) are tiny! All of his friends wear tiny bathing suits too.

  • xoxo

    Boxer briefs are sexier. 😉

  • http://twitter.com/karleenvalachov @karleenvalachov

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