• Bella

    These photos don't make me feel comfortable when I look at them, because I'm SO ready for spring and summer!

  • cvmerritt

    As terrible and cold as winter can be, it truly is beautiful.

  • kait

    Yes very pretty but I'm so over winter! I'm ready for summer!

  • Bella

    That awkward moment when you're reading this in the southern hemisphere…:)

  • http://twitter.com/CatatonicCat @CatatonicCat

    That awkward moment when you're reading this from a Scandinavian country and realize that "last bits" are at least one more month away:/

    • BBee

      Or from North Dakota… the last bits are sometime in April!

      • circleofcreation

        Or from Canada, where anything can happen! 😉

        • Akbaby

          Or from Alaska. Haha. Break up is far far away. Lmao.

          • Akbaby

            Oh I mean spring. We call it break up. :p

  • http://countrycraftin.wordpress.com/ fromtheholler

    I'm in WA. Winter can go on somewhere. I'm tired of the rain and ready for some sun!!!

  • Michele

    Utah still has about 3 more months of winter left:/ And that's if it doesn't randomly snow in June like it has before…

  • sarlm

    I'm so ready for winter! Melbourne has had a 30+ degree heatwave for like 2 weeks now (Celsius) and I can't stand hot weather!

  • pickums1283

    #23 beautiful! Any idea where this is?

  • kirinjirafa

    ooooh yummy yummy i love winter❤ these are so beautiful. my favorites are #3 and #22 and everything involving knitted clothes or hot cocoa

  • JessieBelle

    People that enjoy winter must work some place that gives snow days, or must not have to drive on the highway to get to work. /Bitter

  • Alyse

    Winter may be over for some but in Canada there's still at least another month and half left =(

  • Lynne

    Love these pics!!! Just went snowshoeing today!! A week after I was laying on the beach in Waikiki.:).

  • mikol perna

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  • Crush

    Are people sick? I will never miss anything or enjoy anything about winter….Spring where you at!?!?!?!? come on warm weather.

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