• Yoga!

    Wild thing,
    you make my heart sing.
    You make everything
    Groovy ;D

  • Anonymous

    #24 THANK YOU. Dear God he is so beautiful. Derek Hale FTW!

  • Anon

    #21 that's exactly the outfit I work out in! — sarcasm. Seriously wtf who trains in leg warmers and their underwear?

    • Claire

      maybe in your own house. Idk

    • mrshelderman

      Girls doing a photoshoot!

    • aaa

      i thought the same thing!

    • Teri

      If I looked like her, i'd never wear clothes either!!!

    • 123

      LOL i thought the EXACT same thing. Who works out in their underwear? It looks unnatural.

    • sam

      minus the leg warmers i work out in my underwear at home:)

      • keefster

        photos or didnt happen!!!

  • Seldi84

    #16 is good advice

    • zillyzallie

      Yeah, and allow yourself to celebrate that 1lb of weight loss. It was tough, feel proud, on to the next!

  • Brittany

    #19 great job!!!:)

  • Jacq

    #11 – I think those plates are a part of everyone's childhood. We have all owned that pattern at least once in our life!!

    • DoubleTapTwoSix


  • mazzie

    #12 ugh….. for sure!!! gotta keep going though

  • http://countrycraftin.wordpress.com/ fromtheholler

    #12 for sure! And for me, the first place I lose it from is my boobs😦

    • Cass

      me too😦 thats the one place i didnt wanna lose

      • http://countrycraftin.wordpress.com/ fromtheholler

        If it was possible to have what's left in my belly moved to my boobs and what's left in my thighs moved to my butt without surgery, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  • LGE

    #2 Seriously?!?

    #21 Get Real…

  • Mississauga Chiver

    #14 You can't spot reduce. Let's not perpetuate that myth!

  • Akbaby

    #2. Awesome!

  • Sarah

    #2 – That girl has bad form. Her knees are over her feet. No good for the knees.

    • Charly

      Exactly what I thought.
      I like the general idea of the photo, though:)

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