• Candy

    #9 Ha ha, I have done that more than once. I've also said orgasm instead of organism. Its funny now, but in 7th grade in front of your crush…thats some serious shit right there.

    • Michelle

      Someone did that in my high school bio class. At that point it was just hilarious.

      • themanager

        I said "Pubic" rather than "punic" when talking about the Punic Wars. Completely by mistake, but the teacher didn't seem to notice, and the other guys thought it was awesome that i had the balls to do it. Never did tell them it was a slip…

    • xoxo

      I think I was in the 3rd grade and I said "sex city" for Souix City.

    • Akbaby

      Where is AK and HI?

  • Amanda

    #2 I do too! I get weird looks from my husband but whatevs!

  • katastrophe89

    #3 pretty smart lol

    • Meghan

      I worked with a guy who would call in at 8 (I was the receptionist) and he would say he wouldn't be in the office for another 2 hours because he had to go to this place, then meet with this client, etc.
      When in reality, he was in bed sleeping. I know this because he was my roommate!

  • Akbaby

    I like post secret. Some more then others. Some make me a little freaked and I wonder how many people are judging! Then others just make me want to hug everyone. Lol

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